Musk is crazy! Americans want to destroy the jobs of 50 million construction workers in China?

Improve TBM automation.

Continuous construction.

The tunnel is only 12 feet in diameter and can accommodate a car.

On June 9, Wynn resort also officially announced that it would cooperate with the company and has submitted the land use application for the project.

Needless to say, those engaged in the project know that if it is an aboveground expressway, the early land acquisition and demolition cost is not a small expenditure.

And set up a brick company, specializing in the production and sales of bricks.

Most of the employees employed by the company are interns.

Boring company has developed technology to recycle the earth into useful bricks for building and paving bricks.

This is inefficient.

The power output of the machine can be increased by three times (with appropriate upgrading of the cooling system).

Musk from heaven to earth has come to grab the job of the construction industry! When everyone was swiped by the news that the manned “dragon” spacecraft of Musk’s space company SpaceX took off smoothly, Musk’s boring hole digging company quietly won two more tunnel orders! According to media reports, on June 3, Clark County Commissioner Tim segerblom tweeted and announced the map of the proposed tunnel, which extends westward from Las Vegas Convention Center to Wynn and encore, two Casino hotels under Wynn Resorts.

3、 Large equipment is purchased and improved, and the machinery cost is saved.

the soil slag is processed into bricks for the second time.

When the speed reaches 150 mph (equivalent to 241km / h), what is the concept? You know, the speed of domestic subway is only 80 ~ 100km / h, which is about the same as our feeling of taking the bullet train! This tunnel can also realize remote control color change, allowing you to be in the rainbow tunnel.

2、 The current standard for single lane tunnels is about 28 feet.

The melon eaters thought it was just a small complaint.

It is clear that it usually takes 3 ~ 6 months / mile to build a tunnel in the United States, and the cost is 1 billion US dollars / mile.

The waste slag treatment fee saves the usual tunnel excavation, and a waste slag yard needs to be built to transport the waste soil.

Click below 👇 Pay attention to me and add star standard ★ source: move towards science and reduce the tunnel cost by 99% in one breath! Musk is going to dig a hole in China! This is not an ordinary tunnel, but an underground high-speed tunnel with a speed of 240km / h! If possible, it will also bring a complete underground transportation system.

Reducing the diameter by half can reduce the tunnel cost by 3-4 times.

In the construction of the tunnel, it may only take 10 minutes to drill the hole and 50 minutes to set up the frame support.

Even if the salary is low, they are willing to work with musk..

The automatic handle has a feeling of power on when operating the game console.

Not only the speed bar drops, this demonstration tunnel also has many points that can be blown up, especially in terms of cost control.

On December 17, 2016, musk, who was blocked in the street and didn’t move, sent three tweets and announced that he would set up a company to solve the traffic jam problem.

Although smaller diameter TBMs are automated, larger TBMs currently require multiple manual operators.

Double Ended Ferrule

These have been replaced by electric locomotives.


The first thing a boring company does is dig a hole! In February 2017, musk dug a “demo tunnel” in the parking lot of SpaceX; In August 2017, boring company was approved to dig a 2-mile-long pilot tunnel in Los Angeles; On November 18, 2018, the first demonstration tunnel in Los Angeles was unveiled.

The process is expensive, time-consuming, noisy and may be harmful to the environment.

The car only needs to install guide wheels to move forward at high speed.

Although all of them were funded by boring company, it can be seen that with this model, other commercial tunnel orders will follow! The establishment of boring company originated from a traffic jam.

The snail speed is 14 times that of soft soil TBM.

Unexpectedly, two months later, the boring company was established! It’s musk, the most executive man in the world! (boring means boring as well as digging a hole, a pun.) just do it.

By using an autonomous electric vehicle (AEV), the diameter can be reduced to less than 14 feet.

And his low cost is the big killer of all Chinese construction enterprises! Some people describe the iron man Musk’s experience like this: musk wanted a new payment method, so he set up a PayPal; Musk wanted to drive an electric car, so he founded Tesla; Musk wanted the space station to be cheaper, so he built his own SpaceX launch rocket; Musk wanted to speed up the traffic, so he “developed” the hyperloop that can “launch” people.

The selling price of these bricks is only 1 cent / piece, while the local brick price is much higher, and the market price is 4.9 cents / piece.

The company improves the existing construction efficiency by modifying the existing technology.

Boring company just completed the two underground tunnels of Las Vegas Convention Center in May last year.

The following video is from a panoramic view.

In January 2018, the average cost per mile of subway projects in the United States, while the tunnel cost only $10 million (excluding TBM purchase cost), which is 99% lower than the original cost!!! How did boring companies achieve substantial cost reduction? 1、 All underground, the land acquisition and demolition cost is saved.

5、 The project is completed by interns and part-time employees, and the labor cost is saved.

By automating larger TBM, safety and efficiency can be improved.

The boring company team will refit the bought second-hand TBM and improve its speed in a variety of ways, including increasing TBM power.

In reality, TBM is very slow.

Current tunnel operations usually include diesel locomotives.


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