[management quality improvement] Zhongnan Construction Group successfully held CJS management system training

In order to strengthen the application of information system and make managers more familiar with and master the use method of CJS management system, on December 26, 2021, Zhongnan Construction Group held CJS management system training, including the management of the headquarters of the construction group, project management center, business cost center, financial capital center, the managers of secondary units and regional companies More than 4700 management personnel of corresponding lines and project management personnel participated, and the combination of offline and online was adopted.

Lifting Anchor

Lu Hongwei gave a brief introduction to each module of the system, entered the specific information and management actions of the project in real time, analyzed and accurately found out the problem items and carried out accurate management by using the cockpit report, and entered a single important item into the “work task” module Use the method and specific function to demonstrate and explain, and carry out special tracking closed-loop.

This training shows that Zhongnan architecture attaches great importance to information construction and management.

This training was taught by Lu Hongwei, vice president of Zhongnan Construction Group.

In the next step, the group will learn from the experience and practice of the construction of decoration information system in Central South China, combined with the actual situation of Central South construction, continuously optimize and improve the CJS management system, and comprehensively improve the information management level of Central South construction..


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