Another group company of central construction enterprise was established!

China energy construction is a comprehensive super large group company that provides overall solutions and whole industry chain services for energy, power, infrastructure and other industries in China and even the world.

First, we should realize the “three fast”.

We should earnestly implement the mission and responsibility entrusted to PowerChina new energy group by the group, accelerate the construction of a domestic first-class new energy investment and operation platform with unique market development ability, good operation management level and high quality and benefit contribution, and give full play to the investment and construction integration advantages of PowerChina in the field of new energy, Combine the advantages of the industrial chain with the standardized and digital construction management mode and intelligent operation mode, build a leading enterprise and leading enterprise in the new energy development and construction industry, and launch the brand of “China power construction new energy”.

It is understood that the implementation of the group’s new energy business restructuring, PowerChina implements the new development concept, seizes the historic opportunity of new energy, adjusts the business structure, and realizes the major strategic deployment of the group’s transformation from construction oriented to “investment, construction and operation” integration.

Lifting Anchor

was held in Beijing.

72 units of China energy construction group are recruiting, thousands of posts are waiting for you! China Energy Construction Group Co., Ltd.

is a super large energy construction group approved by the State Council and directly managed by the state owned assets supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council, ranking 301 in the list of “world top 500”.

On the morning of December 26, the inaugural meeting and unveiling ceremony of PowerChina New Energy Group Co., Ltd.

It has the functions of planning consultation, evaluation, review A complete industrial chain integrating survey and design, engineering construction and management, operation and maintenance, investment and operation, technical services, equipment manufacturing and building materials is the main force of energy construction in China and the world.

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After the establishment of PowerChina new energy group, the installed capacity of new energy has exceeded 7 million MW, marking that the development of PowerChina new energy business has entered a new stage and reached a new height, and undertakes the glorious mission and major responsibility of helping China power construction strategic transformation and high-quality development.

Third, we should innovate systems and mechanisms.

We should build a new system and present a new atmosphere; We should wear new shoes and take a new road, turn our head and body together, realize “integration, reconstruction, integration and improvement” as soon as possible, and make a new start.

We should integrate resources, optimize allocation and give play to the effect of reorganization; Reengineer management process, innovate system and mechanism, and realize intensive management; Integrate ideas and culture, establish common values and gather majestic forces; Improve the efficiency level, strengthen risk control and achieve high-quality development.

Leaders of China Power Construction Corporation stressed that the company should take the formal establishment of power construction new energy group as an opportunity to further unify their thinking, improve their position, make concerted efforts and work hard to promote the power construction new energy cause to open a new journey, achieve new achievements and reach a new level.

☟☟☟ the second is to achieve accurate positioning.

72 affiliated units started open recruitment and received resumes from now on.

To make a “running start” with the struggle attitude of starting and sprint, leaders and managers at all levels must quickly enter the working state, safe production and operation development must quickly enter the right track, and the contribution and supporting role to China’s power construction reform and development must quickly appear.

Its main business covers the fields of energy and power, water conservancy and water affairs, railways and highways, ports and waterways, municipal engineering, urban rail transit, ecological environmental protection and housing construction.


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