Looking at the three styles of Chinese University Architecture from the 10 most beautiful universities

Most of these colleges and universities take the main teaching building or library as the central axis and build a central square, forming a grand momentum of symmetry and integrity.

The campus is close to mountains and rivers, with elegant environment, lush flowers and trees, green grass and pleasant scenery.

Tsinghua School, the predecessor of Tsinghua University, was founded in 1911.

Laoshan campus is located at the foot of Laoshan Scenic spot.

Jingyuan lawn is the largest lawn in Yanyuan at present.

It is the main building of the first batch of school buildings built in the early stage of the school.

Such as the planning and layout of the East District of Tsinghua University, Xi’an Jiaotong University, Huazhong Institute of Technology (now Huazhong University of science and Technology) and other universities.

Tsinghua School is located in the southeast of the auditorium lawn.

It is an ideal garden for reading and studying.

As the vanguard of the most beautiful university campus in China, the early buildings including Qunxian building group, Jiannan building group, Furong building group and Xiamen University Anthropology Museum are national key cultural relics protection units and have been selected into the list of “the first batch of China’s 20th century architectural heritage”.

It is symmetrically distributed left and right along the central axis leading to the south gate.

It is an important after-school activity place for teachers and students of Peking University.

The school name “Tsinghua” comes from the place name of the school site “Tsinghua garden”.

As soon as freshmen enter the university campus, they come across a variety of distinctive natural and cultural landscapes.

Weiming Lake Yanyuan complex was listed as a national key cultural relics protection unit in 2001.

The campus has green grass and shady trees.

Zhonghai university is located in the beautiful Qingdao, with blue sea, charming beach and strong book atmosphere.

For example, in the library and auditorium of Hunan University located at the foot of Yuelu Mountain, green glazed tiles are integrated with the surrounding environment, and red brick walls are hidden in the shade.

For example, the campus of Peking University has preserved the cultural heritage of three times at the same time: first, the sites of Chinese traditional gardens have inherited the rich historical information of “giving gardens” in the Qing Dynasty; The second is the campus of modern Chinese missionary universities, which shows the retro architectural art under the specific historical conditions of the Republic of China; Third, the university construction of socialist new China embodies the architectural characteristics of “socialist content and national form” in the 1950s.

4、 Shuimu Qinghua Zhongling Yuxiu – Forbes of Tsinghua University once selected the world’s most beautiful university campus, 14 campuses were on the list, and only Tsinghua University in Asia was on the list.

There are also landmark buildings such as law building and economic management building, which are magnificent, and the new and old buildings complement each other.

Xiamen University is full of coastal scenery, seawall and embankment, red flowers and green shadows, beautiful and delicious.

The following Xiaobian has sorted out the classic buildings of the 10 most beautiful universities in China.

It is the original site of Yanjing University, a famous modern university.

According to statistics, 26 early buildings are listed as “national key cultural relics protection units”.

As the earliest main gate of Tsinghua University, the second school gate, which was founded in 1909, is a blue brick and white column three arch “memorial archway” building.

The school covers an area of more than 2500 mu, with Nanputuo temple on one side and Hulishan fort on the other.

The architectural treatment has the characteristics of southern region, which looks antique and thick with vicissitudes of life.

According to experts, the architectural style of university campuses in China reflects the following three characteristics: first, it pays attention to the combination of the national form of architecture and the local natural and cultural environment, reflecting the rich regional cultural characteristics.

In March every year, when cherry blossoms are in full bloom, thousands of tourists come to admire her, stay and watch her, show her beauty to the extreme, and become a dazzling scenic spot of Wuhan University.

The word “Shuimu Qinghua” is solemn and beautiful.

It is located outside the back of the I-shaped hall.

They have round arched porches and carved columns, leaving traces of ancient Roman architecture..

Such as Songqing gymnasium, YingYuan old Zhai house, banshanlu, building 18, etc.

The South Gate complex of Peking University is the first batch of new buildings built after Peking University moved to Haidian Yanyuan.

The overall architectural style is mainly the European style of the old campus, with the warm yellow color as the background.

It is also the opening season of the year.

If the above-mentioned universities lack these classic characteristic buildings, whether they can be famous at home and abroad will be a big question mark.

When the lotus is in full bloom, you can see the lotus written by Zhu Ziqing with your own eyes.

Building 1 and building 2 were built before 1910-1920.

Third, some universities with a long history have preserved a large number of precious cultural relics.

Its style is in line with the architecture of Yanjing University, which is solemn, solemn, fresh and elegant.

In particular, the Jiannan auditorium and the upper chord field are quite magnificent.

Peking University was founded in 1898.

Here, garden beauty and architectural beauty are integrated, and classical and modern complement each other.

There are also “61 Memorial Pavilion”, “Mr.

It is the main campus of Haida.

The lintel is engraved with the words “Tsinghua garden”.

Ocean University of China is probably the most perfect architectural complex with western style in domestic universities.

Buildings in different periods form architectural communities with different styles.

The campus has a long history.

Rebar Cap Steel Plaate

Luojia square, the cultural and leisure center of the University, has lush flowers and trees, winding paths, exquisite repair, and beautiful night scenery, like the green eyes of Wuhan University.

The seven campuses are like seven pearls inlaid in different directions of Hangzhou urban area.

Wen Yiduo memorial statue”, “Li Da statue” and other cultural landscapes on the campus.

Shuimu Qinghua is one of the most fascinating scenic spots in Qinghua park.

The Furong tunnel next to the Furong restaurant in Xiamen University can be described as the most artistic tunnel in China.

Chen Jiageng’s son-in-law.

The literature and art party for the centennial celebration of Peking University was held here.

It complements and complements the beautiful scenery of the West Lake.

It can be called a masterpiece and model of modern Chinese University campus architecture.

These tangible cultural heritages carry the vicissitudes of history and core values of the University.

2、 Luojia students with colorful cherry blossoms — Wuhan University Wuhan University surrounds the East Lake water and sits on Luojia mountain.

3、 Shanghai style campus near mountains and rivers – Ocean University of China’s motto is “the sea embraces all rivers, take and go far”.

Royal architecture and classical gardens not only have the atmosphere of the north, but also the beauty of the water town in the south of the Yangtze River.

There are about fifteen or six old buildings in Zhijiang campus.

The university has four campuses: Laoshan, Yushan, Fushan and Huangdao.

It belongs to German classical style.

Yushan campus is the old campus of Haida, with towering trees and beautiful buildings, overlooking the beach in the distance.

The clear water wall and glazed roof are very distinctive.

With a total length of 1.10 km, a clear width of 8 meters and a clear height of 4.5 meters, it is a place for students of Xiamen University to doodle.

It has different styles and colorful colors, attracting countless literary and artistic young people and tourists to visit here.

The school has many palace style early buildings with a combination of Chinese and western, which are simple, elegant, towering and spectacular.

They are known as “wearing suits and hats”.

Most of the old buildings of Xiamen University were built by Mr.

Between the mountains and forests, there are two exquisite and elegant ancient pavilions.

Stroll through the famous buildings such as the library and the Centennial lecture hall, you can feel the strong cultural atmosphere of the Centennial University.

It was built in 2005.

Everyone is lucky to spend four years in a beautiful university.

5、 Weiming lakeside humanistic feelings — the beauty of Peking University, Peking University, needless to say, in general, “a map of a lake tower” and a spirit of “giving up who I am”.

Weiming lake and Boya tower reflect each other, surrounded by green trees and a very beautiful environment.

Because of their beautiful scenery and long history, the students are very excited.

Second, the architecture more reflects the characteristics of the times of international cultural exchange, and draws lessons from the styles and elements of the former Soviet Union or European and American design.

The two villas, shanghongfang and xiahongfang, were built from 1902 to 1903.

1、 The headquarters of Xiamen University, a coastal pearl Southern University, is located at the southern end of Xiamen Island.

There are many ancient buildings with full details.

They are mixed with China and the West.

It is classical and elegant and is recognized as the symbol of Tsinghua University.

6、 A paradise for study by the West Lake — Zhejiang University each campus of Zhejiang University has water: Yuquan, Xixi, Huajiachi, Zijingang, Zhijiang, Zhoushan and Haining.


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