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It can adjust the pace of life, relax body and mind, easily enjoy the atmosphere in this space, healthy exercise methods and find the appropriate rhythm of the body.

Some people say that artists have an “imagination to create the universe”.


Ignite perceptual architecture is a kind of poetry, which can express emotion through space and materials; Use artistry to present the philosophy of architecture and the soul of the brand—— The video owners of Claudio silvestrin △ project need to provide a new scene that can provide more possibilities for sports and life for life players pursuing a healthy lifestyle.

The halo of light and shadow on the material surface gives people different touch to express their “emotion”.


Every inch of skin and hair is finely carved here, and every foot of space is worth delicate treatment.

Time slows down in space, has breathing in the regulation of light, and feels the changing stars in the rhythm of breathing.

Spread Anchor

Space is the narrator behind the scenes, and the craftsman’s spirit is being whispered by it..


The collision between the new and the old, the integration of art and life, this is the need for a force to pry the space, a place where there is enough room.

The main purpose of the healthy exercise style they advocate is to find everyone’s own body rhythm, which is not only physical exercise, but also spiritual strengthening, We hope to transform this spiritual journey into specific design language and show it in the design.

Art paint, mirror, wood, stainless steel and other materials complement each other, forming a rich, clear and distinctive structural form.

The connection of materials leaves a clear boundary, such as the barber’s treatment of temples, which is clean, neat and clear.


In addition to simple needs, coffee is also a social media, social space and the transmission window of fashion elements.



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