[Lincang recruitment] Yunnan Guangsha planning and Architectural Design Institute Co., Ltd

Note: the working place of this post is Linxiang District, Lincang City.

From the leadership to the staff, the company generally establishes the idea of taking the market economy as the guidance, constantly in-depth learning and improving its own quality.

Have the spirit of hard work, have the sense of team responsibility, and can properly handle the relationship between work and family life.

In today’s rapid economic development, our company will seize the opportunity of smooth reform of the business system, give full play to the flexibility of connecting with the market, strive to build its own brand and constantly improve the technical level of talents; And accelerate the company’s distribution and expansion plan.

Engineering Survey (geotechnical) geological survey; 4.


Architectural engineering design (class B); 9.

Tourism planning and design qualification; 8.

Understand the relevant contents of construction professional technology, and work experience in the marketing department of construction engineering enterprises is preferred.

In terms of project management, the company has established a drawing project filing management and strict internal audit system to ensure the drawing time and drawing quality, construction service contact card and supervision and assessment management, so as to ensure that the construction site services are in place at the first time.

Engineering consulting (feasibility study); 2.

Since the restructuring, the company has lasted more than 20 years, with an annual output value of more than 30 million yuan.

Hold a C1 driver’s license.

Under the president’s office, our company has vice president’s office, chief engineer’s office, construction drawing review office, planning office (including planning office 1, planning office 2 and effect drawing studio), building structure Office (including building office 1, building office 2, structure office 1 and structure office 2), water and electricity Municipal Office (including electrical room, water supply and drainage room and municipal office), measurement room, feasibility study consulting room, market development department Office, finance office and other professional technical and management departments, and the company’s Party branch, Youth League Committee, labor union and other organizations are sound.

It is a state-owned collective enterprise approved by Chuxiong Municipal People’s government and strictly reviewed and established by Yunnan Provincial Department of construction.

While implementing the national regulations on various legal holidays simultaneously, the local holidays of Chuxiong Yi Autonomous Prefecture where the company is located, such as state celebration, Yi Torch Festival and Yi year, are also implemented, so as to fully ensure that the company’s employees have satisfactory holidays and sufficient rest time.

As of June 30, 2017, our company has 165 employees, including 23 national design industry registrants, 37 with senior titles, 62 with intermediate titles, 25 with primary titles, 6 technicians and 12 logistics personnel.

The nature of the enterprise is a natural person funded limited liability company, and the legal representative is Liu Rumeng.

Municipal engineering design; 10.

Land survey and demarcation; 6.

At present, our company’s qualifications include: 1.

Preparation of urban and rural planning (Grade B); 7.

The salary adopts the base salary plus commission, and the Commission proportion is specific.

The management concept of the company is advanced.

Confirmation of construction drawing design document review organization.

It has completed nearly 4500 projects in nine counties and one city, with a construction area of nearly 7 million square meters, a planned land area of nearly 1.5 million hectares, and a project investment of nearly 20 billion yuan, making a positive contribution to the urban construction of Yizhou.

At the same time of development, we will repay the society and serve our customers with exquisite skills, excellent works and high-quality service! Recruitment of marketing business manager (Lincang): no salary limit   Capital:   Face to face blessing   Interest: five insurances, weekend weekend 1, college degree or above, unlimited major.

In terms of talent management, the company has been developing forward with the humanistic care concept of “giving full play to people’s talents, team assistance, pooling talents and sharing growth”.

was restructured and established on January 7, 2013 by the Design Institute of Chuxiong economic and Technological Development Zone, Yunnan Province.


Contact: working address 1: 11th floor, office building of innovation and entrepreneurship center, Middle Road, Linxiang east area.



Our company is a collection of project feasibility study report preparation, project preliminary design, project site selection demonstration report preparation, planning result acceptance report preparation, engineering survey (Engineering Surveying and mapping, cadastral surveying and mapping, real estate survey), land survey and delimitation, engineering geological survey, urban planning and design, special tourism planning, civil architecture design, municipal engineering design, effect drawing design It is a comprehensive design institute integrating architectural decoration engineering design, architectural curtain wall engineering design, light steel structure engineering design, building intelligent system design, lighting engineering design, fire-fighting facilities engineering design and construction drawing review.

Yunnan Guangsha planning and Architectural Design Institute Co., Ltd.

The registered capital of the company is 1.85 million yuan.

Engineering investigation (survey); 3.

The predecessor of the company, the former Design Institute of Yunnan Chuxiong economic and Technological Development Zone, was established on December 18, 1992.

Our institute has a perfect, systematic and market-oriented operation system to ensure the pragmatic and efficient operation of the company.

Credit certificate of safety technology prevention industry in Yunnan Province; 11.

The Institute has many talents and rich design experience, and its business scope covers all parts of the province.

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The company has standardized management and favorable wages and benefits.

Surveying and mapping qualification; 5.


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