Let the wind be visible and the architecture disappear. The world’s first artist to create with “fog”

Mizuhiko Nakatani is the first artist in the world to use “fog” as a medium for creation.

Perhaps influenced by her father’s passion for physics, Nakagami has been fascinated by fog all his life, a fleeting and elusive natural phenomenon.

🌫️ Go for a walk in the fog.

“Fog makes visible things invisible, and invisible things visible – such as the wind.” © Fujikonakaya, fogsculptureshoreditch, how to make a building disappear, nakatami furuko was born in Sapporo in 1933.

He is the first scientist in the world to invent artificial snowflakes.

After returning to Japan, she went to the United States again.

© Fujikonakaya, the second son of fogsculpture Nakagawa, received his Bachelor of Arts degree from Northwestern University in 1957, which was also the year when Kusama left Japan for the United States.

But she doesn’t want people to only pay attention to the physical appearance of a cloud, but to notice the wonderful changes that occur when the fog “collides” with different environments.

On April 8, the solo exhibition of 88 year old Japanese artist fujikonakaya will be opened at the Art House Museum in Munich, Germany, which is her first large-scale retrospective exhibition outside her country.

Now he has completed more than 90 installation works about “fog” around the world.

In 1966, as a remote control operator, she participated in the experimental drama project “solofor9evenings:theatreandengineering” in cooperation with the art and technology experimental group e.a.t., which was the first large-scale cooperation between artists, engineers and scientists in the history.

© FujikoNakaya,FogSculpture “BMWTATELIVEEXHIBITION:T.

Her father is nakatami Yoshiro, a famous physics professor in Hokkaido.

After that, Fu Erzi went to Europe to study painting in Paris and Madrid.

“Snow is a letter from heaven”, this extremely romantic sentence comes from Nakatani Yujiro.

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FujikoNakaya © Fujikonakaya, fogsculpture, 1970, pepsipavilionexpo70, Osaka fog, has become the iconic style label of Nakagawa.


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