Memorial to the injured buildings and the dust of history

The “suspended walls” on the building surface dissolve the huge building volume and hide the monotonous functional space and floor distribution.

There is a dilemma between demolition or repair and renewal.

A few buildings solidify history and are carefully cared for as living fossils of human development; Some gave in to the new functions of the city and were uprooted; Many others were destroyed by natural and man-made disasters.

Some of the injured buildings have become wordless epics, and some have become the dust of history.

In the 1960s and 1970s, many collective housing projects that sought to adapt modernism to the local climatic conditions and traditional culture in Baghdad made Iraqi architects stand out, including kahtanawni, kahtanmadfai, mohamedmakiya, rifatchadirji and hishammunir.

The ensuing international sanctions and the war that broke out in 2003 finally completely interrupted the process of urban construction.

Western architects have influenced Iraq in the 20th century in various ways.

In 2003, during the notorious robbery against public buildings, one of chadirji’s representative works, the federationofindustries, was burned down and is still in disuse.

In 2014, Isis occupied the city of Mosul, and the building and its roof were used as execution areas.

In the following decades, many countries were able to recuperate, and peace seemed to become the norm.

Since then, although the situation has been turbulent for several times, the exchanges between Iraq and Eastern Europe have hardly stopped.

Baghdad stadium designed by Le Corbusier ⬅️ Slide to the left to see: josepllu í ssert designed the historical face and broken present of the U.S.

This wall acts as a curtain.

In the 1990s, the Gulf War pressed the pause button for everything and erased the traces of the existence of the rafidainbank designed by philiphirst.

The national insurance company building, which was damaged in the war, has now been demolished.

Later, it was bombed during the liberation of the city and finally demolished by the local government of Mosul.

In 1958, the coup initiated by abdal karimqasim overthrew the monarchy of King Faisal II.

Hugo once said, “architecture is an epic of stone.” The so-called poetry, sing three sighs.

Inspired by the local traditional architecture in Baghdad, the Industrial Federation building is a model of architects’ sculptural appearance design.

The Polish planning office, miastoprojekt Krak ó W, handed over to Baghdad the master plan, which is still an official regulatory document until 2014.

Sunlight enters the room through multiple reflections between the convex walls on the building surface to prevent the indoor space from overheating.

From top to bottom: the manuscript of the central communication building designed by chadirji; The historical appearance of the building; Buildings after being attacked by bombs; Now the building has been renovated and exists in Baghdad with a new look.

In contrast, the centralpost (telegramandtelephoneadministration), which was completed in 1971, is stronger..

But in the 21st century, some people are still displaced by war, and some buildings are full of holes because of war.

Corbusier’s Stadium survived eight years of war, but some of rifatchadirji’s works did not have such good luck.

The nationalinsurancecompany, designed at the same time as the Federation of industry building, adopts a similar design method, but the use of materials is slightly different, and responds to the traditional courtyard space of Mosul city.

The history and current situation of the Industrial Federation building in Baghdad, which was designed by rifatchadirji and built in 1966.

Baghdad is very hot in summer.

Franklioydwright’s Baghdad urban planning program.

⬅️ Slide to the left to view: the image of Baghdad and surrounding cities from 1960 to 1962 shows the shadow of modern buildings.

A fire and an explosion are enough to turn the fate of the building.

Chadirji designed the national insurance company building in 1969 and 1970s.

Magnetic Recess Former

The two world wars of the last century involved most of the earth in turbulence.

The roof of Notre Dame in Paris was ignited by a fire, and the plane loaded with explosives crashed into the twin towers like modern urban monuments.

With the change of political power and continuous war, Iraq has not missed the climax of the development of modernist architecture.

Waltergropius and the architects’ Union (TAC) completed the campus planning and monomer design of Baghdad University, of which two buildings were completed; Corbusier’s design of Baghdad stadium was at the peak of his career; In 1961, the developmentboardbuilding designed by GioPonti broke ground; In the same year, the U.S.

Waltergropius and hishammunir’s Baghdad university planning programme.

Embassy, created by josepllu í ssert, was widely praised and became one of the symbols of Iraqi modernist architecture; The Iraqi Museum designed by German architect wernermarch was opened to the public in 1966…


In the 1950s and 1960s, the Iraqi Development Commission invited world-renowned modernist masters to participate in a large number of architectural and urban planning projects.

The stone looks solid, but the building is far more fragile than expected.


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