Jinan municipal Party committee and government attach great importance to the comprehensive investigation and rectification of illegal

On the morning of January 13, after the economic reference newspaper published that thousands of “strong villas” had been demolished for many years and savagely eroded Jinan spring reserve, the Jinan municipal Party committee and government attached great importance to it, immediately held a special meeting, and established a leading group and special working class composed of the main leading comrades of the municipal Party committee and municipal government as the team leader, relevant municipal leaders and responsible comrades of relevant departments, Conduct a comprehensive investigation on the problem of illegal villas in southern mountainous areas.

Reporter Wang Wenzhi pictured the villa in the golden valley opposite the Law Enforcement Bureau of Nanshan District.

News link: according to the economic reference newspaper, thousands of “strong villas” have been demolished for many years and savagely eroded Jinan spring reserve.

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Reporter Wang Wenzhi took the “editor of the public official account of audio-visual and Qilu”: Fu Zhengwei’s audio-visual Qilu new media center, source: World Spring City, economic reference daily legal adviser: Cao Chuanjie Shandong Shun Xiang (Zaozhuang) Law Firm lawyer Disclaimer: WeChat.

Once verified, resolutely dismantle the buildings involved in violations of laws and regulations, and seriously investigate and deal with the relevant responsible persons.

The picture taken by reporter Wang Wenzhi is the villa group in the north of lijiatang village.

The picture shows the villa area of yangercun next to Wohushan reservoir.


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