Among the 100 most beautiful buildings in the world, 7 are in China, 1 in Beijing and 3 in Shanghai

People often think too much of themselves before they worry about gain and loss, and feel that others must understand themselves.

Chinese people often say that filial piety comes first.

And a family without filial piety is doomed to failure, so the family is not auspicious.

We should care more for the elderly and educate our children.

The hotel is located in the “Grand Hotel, Mexico City” of the Art Nouveau movement in Quebec, Canada.

Parents set an example and show filial respect to their elders, which is the best example for children’s growth.

It does not open or set for anyone.

This tradition has been handed down for thousands of years since Xia, Shang and Zhou dynasties, but it is not done well now.

If you have nothing to do, you will not be empty.

Regardless of the old, he only cares about the children, “Ominous home”.

If you have something to do, you will not be confused.

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The so-called how big the heart is, how much happiness there is; The more tolerance, the more people’s mouths, we can’t control, but we can hold an indifferent heart to see all the troubles.

The past heart cannot be obtained, the present heart cannot be obtained, and the future heart cannot be obtained.

We are grateful to the old man for his dedication and his kindness.

Filial piety is the root and the root of virtue.

Therefore, there are three kinds of human Fukuda, which can be taught to our children.

We respect the old man and inherit his wisdom and experience.

A person should be grateful to his parents and learn to love them.

Disrespect for the elderly is called ingratitude.

It is very valuable that China emphasizes filial piety for children through the law on the protection of the rights and interests of the elderly.

Some things need patience, not anger; Some people need to let go.

Children know filial piety through their parents’ actions.

To do something or not to do something, the state of mind is peaceful and calm.

It is as free, bright and equal as the sun and moon.

When a person is filial to his parents, his children also see it in the eyes.

A person’s friends are many years older or even twice as old as him.

Learn to give up in time.

Sometimes there must be something in your life.

The apartment building of setenil delas bodegas in Cadiz, Spain and Tel Aviv, Israel was half destroyed in the great Albanian earthquake in 1979.

Moreover, people always fix blessings.

They complement each other and cannot be separated.

Meditate, release the tangled past with openness, and greet the unknowable future with calm.

On this basis, he can further love others.

In a family, if parents are filial to the elderly, the children will be filial to their parents, and the family can be harmonious and beautiful.

Without filial piety, the family is not far from decline.

It is the first step for all Chinese to cultivate morality and learn kindness.

EN Tian, Jing Tian, Bei Tian.

Life is just a Taoist temple, where you can cultivate your mind through experience..

One of the most important virtues of our Chinese nation is to respect, love and respect the elderly.

You can observe it carefully.

Why? Because filial piety is the origin of love.

In the world of mortals, things come and go, and things go wrong and nothing.

Things change at will, the environment is created by the heart, and all troubles are generated by the heart.

Meditation is not only a kind of cultivation, but also a kind of cultivation.

To get along with others, we need to pay attention to ways and methods.

We should understand that the elderly have devoted their whole life to the family and society.

Life is not a battlefield, there is no need to compete.

Such a person must be more mature than people of the same age.

We often say that a family is a big tree, grandparents are the roots of the tree, parents are branches and leaves, and children are fruits.

Therefore, the respectful heart is rewarded with great blessings.

The heart of great things is not afraid, and the heart of small things is not slow.

It is as clean and elegant as a lotus.

The arrogant and contemptuous old people are greatly rewarded.

Two years ago, the restoration was so beautiful.

Now the whole world does not emphasize filial piety.

Therefore, it seems that our architectural requirements are both practical and aesthetic.

In 1899, the French architect Jacques gr ü BER Wisteria flowers surrounded the entrance of the Victorian townhouse in San Francisco.

Today, Xiaobian has prepared a visual feast for you, including 100 of the world’s most beautiful buildings, each of which is the crystallization of aesthetics and architecture.

If the heart is safe, what is really unbearable? The heart is like a lotus without water, and like the sun and moon without air.

Filial piety comes first.

If people don’t know how to love, how can they be happy in life? How can mankind have a future? But the origin of love is filial piety.

The joys and sorrows of life, ups and downs, all depend on the heart.

Click the blue word to focus on our architectural design, which aims to meet the requirements of reality and expression.

Filial piety is the origin of goodness and the foundation of virtue.

Settle your heart and watch the changes.

Filial piety is a traditional virtue of the Chinese nation.

Filial piety is the first step of kindness.

If they can live a long life, they deserve our respect.

In life, a good attitude can make you optimistic and open-minded; Can make you overcome the suffering you face; It can make you indifferent to fame and wealth and live a quiet and happy life.

There is no such legislation in the world.

If a person doesn’t love his parents and relatives, he will never be kind to others.

Only by applying medicine to the fruit can it be prevented from growing insects.

Then the children become more and more arrogant and become smaller and smaller, the emperor and Empress Dowager.

Without filial piety, the family will be defeated.

The elderly are very poor and are in nursing homes.

From these signs, we can see that the 21st century is the century of the Chinese people.

Fruit farmers fertilize on the roots and apply medicine on the fruits! Only by fertilizing the root can the fruit have enough nutrition.

Only when you are calm can you hear the voice of all things, and only when you are clear can you see the essence of all things.

Let your heart calm down, you can read yourself and follow fate safely.

No old people, no children? Without the efforts of the elderly, how can there be modern achievements? Moreover, the elderly have very rich wisdom and experience in life, so those who respect the elderly can inherit these valuable wisdom and experience.

Don’t force things that don’t belong to you.

The Golden Bridge ah ah Kong in Vietnam said, “abandon the old and take the young”.

As long as filial piety is not emphasized, all mankind has no future.

In fact, people should look down on themselves, less self, more transposition, in order to be happy.


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