[Jianzhu Tong] the people’s daily angrily criticized that “winning the bid at the lowest price” remains unchanged. What about craftsmanship

China’s product quality law also stipulates that enterprises should bear the main responsibility for product quality.

On the other hand, with the overall transformation of China’s manufacturing industry, the survival of enterprises unwilling to invest in product quality will become more and more difficult.

This is not a fantasy, but the reality of bidding that makes many enterprises helpless.

“8000 yuan per ton of raw materials, but the bid winning price of the project is only 6000 or 7000 yuan.

This not only seriously disrupted the market operation order, but also a blow to the whole manufacturing industry.

People’s daily once again issued a document “winning the bid at the lowest price, it’s time to change”, saying that winning the bid at the lowest price should be changed.

There is great pressure from equipment integrators to material suppliers..

“The bidding system in some places can be described as’ simple and crude ‘.

In order to obtain profits, these enterprises that win the bid at a price lower than the cost can only reduce costs in raw material procurement, production and manufacturing, and make up for losses at the expense of product quality, resulting in the phenomenon of “bad money expels good money”.

We should comply with and grasp this trend conducive to improving product quality, make the current laws and regulations more operable, maintain the market rules of the survival of the fittest, make law-abiding enterprises green lights all the way and illegal enterprises blocked everywhere, and let enterprises take the initiative to be responsible for products, consumers and society.

“In bidding, low price can win the bid, so everyone is not better than quality, but only lower than price.” In the recent inspection on the law enforcement of the product quality law of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress, some business owners complained that at present, the phenomenon of “winning the bid at a low price” in some places has become a prominent obstacle for enterprises to improve product quality, which needs to be treated and standardized urgently.

The competition in these fields will be more intense, and the requirements for quality and brand will be higher.

The result is often the victory of counterfeiting and the best is out.” for a set of automatic sales and inspection equipment, the bid winning price is actually 30% lower than the manufacturing cost.

At present, the Chinese market is realizing consumption upgrading, the industrial structure is quietly changing, and high-end manufacturing, modern service industry and other fields will become the focus of industrial investment.

Originally, the module cost of each station should be 5 million to 5.5 million yuan, but the bid winning price is only 3.5 million yuan.

They often win the bid at the lowest price, which is very serious.

When some enterprises spend a lot of profits every year to engage in R & D, innovation and improve product quality, individual enterprises can compete on the same stage and even succeed by cutting corners, counterfeiting and imitation.

As long as the principle of’ winning the bid at the lowest price ‘remains unchanged, it is difficult to have any craftsman spirit and a century old shop!” Zhou Shujun, vice president of Sichuan Qiankun group, said.

Quality is the foundation of an enterprise.

Generally, according to the market law, the bid price or winning bid price in bidding shall not be lower than the cost price.

The phenomenon of “winning the bid at a low price” has something to do with the lax implementation of laws and regulations and the imperfect supervision mechanism.

This baton of “emphasizing price and neglecting quality” is not in line with the new development concept and hinders China’s economic transformation and upgrading.

A number of enterprise leaders said that some local and state-owned enterprises have adopted the “lowest bid”.

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However, in reality, some bidding units ignore the quality requirements in the bidding process and only pay attention to the price theory, resulting in the bid winning price lower than or even far lower than the cost price.

From the root, it is caused by the insufficient competitive environment to encourage the survival of the fittest.

In the field of engineering, some people jokingly call this phenomenon “starving peers, exhausting themselves and killing owners”.

In fact, it is not uncommon to see cases of poor product quality and even safety accidents due to winning the bid at a low price.

The reporter recently investigated more than 100 entity enterprises in three provinces and six cities in Suzhou and Wuxi, Jiangsu Province, Wuhan and Yichang, Hubei Province, Chengdu and Deyang, Sichuan Province, and found that “winning the bid at the lowest price” has become a problem criticized by enterprises.

On the one hand, at present, with the supervision of the whole process from pre bid, winning bid to post bid by the regulatory authorities, the bidding activities are gradually standardized, and the possibility of seeking gray interests through winning the bid at a low price is greatly reduced.

In the law enforcement inspection, a cable enterprise that has won the “government quality award” said frankly: the production enterprise has no profit space and is forced to cut corners and break through the bottom line.

Only by adhering to quality-oriented and raising the quality problem to the level of values and modern enterprise philosophy, can we catch up from behind and establish our own advantages in international competition.

Jianzhoutong media ID: jianzhong001 people’s Daily has twice criticized “winning the bid at the lowest price”, which is rare! The frequent occurrence of the problem of “winning the bid at the lowest price” in the quality of construction projects makes the whole industry complain, and also rings an alarm to people in the industry: “if the principle of” winning the bid at the lowest price “remains unchanged for one day, it is difficult for the industry to have any craftsman spirit, let alone Chinese brands!” The people’s Daily published a document “quality should be the foundation of an enterprise (front-line perspective)”, which criticized the lowest price winning the bid for the first time.

1、 Great harm will easily lead to the survival of the superior, bury potential safety hazards and affect the enthusiasm of enterprise innovation.

Only when every product has quality and every enterprise takes quality as the goal, can economic development have more quality.

On the contrary, some enterprises that win the bid at a low price often delay the delivery date and cannot guarantee the quality due to extremely low profits, which makes the bid inviter pay a higher price.

In the long run, no enterprise is willing to spend energy on R & D and innovation.

“At present, many PPP (cooperation between government and social capital) projects are led by the government or large central enterprises.

The solution, of course, is to further improve the market environment, let enterprises speak of product quality, and let excellent products sound and stand firm, so as to lay the foundation for product quality for large manufacturing countries.

In the final analysis, improving product quality depends on the enterprise itself.

What is comforting is that in today’s Chinese market, the space to profit from shoddy work and even fake and shoddy goods is becoming increasingly narrow.


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