[jianjiantong] Yijian got 25 points in the test and his mentality collapsed. Can he apply for performance review? Is performance review

Now, the post examination qualification review of the first-class constructor qualification test is notified as follows: I.


Jianzhoutong media ID: jianzhong001 recently, a small partner consulted and disagreed with the test results of Yijian.

110), The first-class constructor qualification examination implements the notification and commitment system for registration certification matters.

The qualification standard of each subject at all levels of the intermediate Certified Safety Engineer vocational qualification examination is 60 points (the full score of each subject paper is 100 points).

On site submission: Lhasa level III government hall (No.


The professional qualification examination for publishing professional technicians includes basic knowledge of publishing specialty and theory and practice of publishing specialty The qualification standard of the two subjects is 120 points (the full score of the test paper of each subject is 200 points)..


According to the work arrangement, the qualifications of those who have achieved the qualified score line in all examination subjects are reviewed.

From December 22, 2021 to January 5, 2022, Fujian personnel examination center accepted the performance verification of subjective questions (professional engineering management and practice) in the 2021 class I constructor qualification examination (Fujian examination area).

Candidates: according to the requirements of the notice of the general office of the Ministry of human resources and social security on printing and distributing the implementation plan for the full implementation of the notification and commitment system of certification matters at the ministry level (hrstf [2020] No.

Magnetic Recess Former

Candidates applying for performance review please read the following instructions carefully: 1.


2、 Review time and method: from December 22, 2021 to January 5, 2022 (09:30-13:00 a.m.

CN); 2.

Can you review it? To solve this problem, I have compiled the relevant contents.

Candidates who fail to submit review materials within the time limit or fail to pass the qualification review will have their test results cancelled.

Online submission: scan the review materials into electronic version and synthesize them into PDF format files (PDF files and e-mail subject naming method: examination year + examination name + examinee name) and send them to via e-mail (add additional method) xzrskszsgl@sina.com Meanwhile, the basic information is kept in the mail body (such as name, ID number, work unit, examination name, contact information and so on).

Supervision Tel.: 0891-6845920 personnel examination center of Tibet Autonomous Region on December 21, 2021, Chongqing’s notice on the review of class I constructor qualification, intermediate registered safety engineer qualification and publishing professional technician qualification examination qualification in 2021 The results of the vocational qualification examination for intermediate registered safety engineers and publishing professional technicians have been published on the China personnel examination website and the qualified score line has been delimited.

on working days), it can be submitted online (this method is recommended) or on-site.

In order to implement the supervision requirements during and after the notification commitment system, it is proposed to conduct post examination qualification review for qualified personnel who have reached the national score line (the scores of each subject have reached 60% of the total score of the paper).

When registering, the candidates signed the letter of commitment for registration under the notification and commitment system for registration certification matters of professional and technical personnel qualification examination, which promised that the information such as educational background, major and working years were true, accurate, effective and met the registration conditions, and were willing to bear the responsibility of false commitment and accept corresponding treatment.

During the review period, the District Personnel Examination Center will accept the supervision and report of the personnel to be qualified.

The review time is about 4 months (subject to the time when the Ministry of human resources and social security issues the review results).

The performance review of subjective questions will only review whether there are omissions, whether the scoring and registration are accurate, whether there are disciplinary records or other abnormalities, and will not re evaluate the test paper.

The relevant matters are hereby notified as follows: 1.


1, Naru Road, Chengguan District, Lhasa, window 32 at the background on the first floor of level III government hall).

Once the false commitment is verified, it will be seriously dealt with in accordance with relevant regulations.

Tel: 0591-87507553 notice of Tibet on post examination qualification review of Tibet examination area for class I constructor qualification examination in 2021.

The review results can be queried in the Fujian personnel examination network / performance query column.

According to the requirements of “engaging in construction management of construction projects” in the application conditions, one copy of the certificate of years engaged in construction management of construction projects issued by the unit shall be provided; 3.

No fee will be charged for the performance review.

materials must be provided 1 One copy of Education Series academic qualifications and degree certificates recognized by the competent education administrative department, and one copy of the electronic registration form of academic qualifications of the Ministry of education or the report on higher education academic qualifications certification provided by China higher education student information network (www.chsi.

The results of the first-class constructor practice qualification examination in 2021 have been announced.

After the deadline for performance review application, the Provincial Personnel Examination Center will summarize and report to the personnel examination center of the Ministry of human resources and social security for review.

Examination qualification review standard the qualification standards of the four subjects of the first-class constructor qualification examination: construction engineering economy, construction engineering regulations and related knowledge, construction engineering project management and professional engineering management and practice are 60 points, 78 points respectively 78 points and 96 points (the full scores of the corresponding subject papers are 100 points, 130 points, 130 points and 160 points respectively).

Review and consultation Tel.: 0891-6655586 III.

During this period, please log in to the column of Fujian Personnel Examination Network – score query – subjective question score verification, and submit your application online.

relevant requirements 1 Candidates must review within the specified time.

Candidates please log in to the China personnel examination website to inquire about the examination results.

Candidates with “two free subjects” or “additional majors” must also provide corresponding exemption or additional supporting materials.

and 15:30-18:00 p.m.

Let’s have a look ~ Fujian’s notice on the announcement of the results of the first-class constructor practice qualification examination in 2021.


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