[Architecture] see “problem concrete” again in Changsha“

Therefore, it is necessary to take seriously the prevention of insufficient concrete strength.

The reporter learned from many sources that this batch of unqualified concrete came from Changsha Hongyuan environmental protection building materials Co., Ltd., which was registered in Yuhua District and actually produced in Yuelu District.


The reporter tracked the concrete flow direction of a vehicle and found that it was sent to Runhe Xiangjiang Tiandi phase II project department.

It is reported that Mr.

3、 The reporter tracked the flow direction and found that it was sent to the construction site under construction of Runhe Xiangjiang Tiandi.

The consequences caused by unqualified concrete strength are mainly as follows: “The bearing capacity, service life, impermeability, frost resistance and durability of the structure are reduced.

The reporter fed back the relevant situation to the competent department, and the relevant law enforcement personnel of Lianhua Town People’s Government of Yuelu District shut down for the second time.

Surprisingly, it was still secretly produced late at night.

After investigation, the cause of the quality accident was that the project purchased commercial concrete from Hunan tuoyu mixing plant, which had a very bad social impact in Changsha.

After testing, the concrete strength design is C35, which actually only reaches C15.

Do you dare to live in the buildings built with concrete with such strength not up to standard? Therefore, it is not enough It is hoped that the whole concrete industry can find a way of benign development, and not making black money is the quality of an excellent mixing plant.

This is not as simple as cutting corners.

After many evaluations, it is impossible to strengthen the structure, and all the above 12 floors need to be removed.

It is completely a crazy act of mercenary and reckless.

Within one week of the deadline, the plant will dismantle by itself, repair the polluted land, and trace the flow direction of unqualified concrete.

On December 8, the company was sealed up by relevant departments.

Li, the contractor, contracted to build a 400 square meter floor project of an office building.

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A total of more than 10 points were sampled, all of which were unqualified, and the highest point was only 18.3.

Li said: we only hope to compensate and then dismantle it, not to harm people.


Li said: there are cracks everywhere in the ceiling, especially at the edges of girders and holes, and there are penetrating cracks.

The main structure of the international flower capital of the new city has been built to 27 floors.


So, where does this batch of unqualified concrete come from and flow? 2、 After the unqualified concrete factory was sealed, it still secretly produced late at night.

The truth is amazing! What the hell is going on? ▼▼▼ Hunan city related video I.

Jianzhoutong media ID: jianzhong001 last night, the truth pursuit column of Hunan urban channel reported a news related to Changsha shutting down unqualified concrete factory and flowing into the construction site under construction, which attracted the attention of some people.

In addition, The test report of Hunan SECCO Inspection Co., Ltd.

Lifting Clutches

Li knocked the concrete left by drilling with a hammer at the scene, and it broke as soon as he knocked it, indicating that the strength could not be reached at all.

It was an unqualified concrete mixing station.

The thickness of the tested floor did not meet the design requirements.

It was not filed with the relevant departments of housing and construction.

For such a black hearted concrete The concrete plant cannot be given a chance to survive.

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On the unqualified concrete strength: previously, a serious construction quality accident occurred in Changsha.

shows that Haiping International In the sandwich structure reinforcement project of 2# building of (Hunan) medical device Industrial Park, the rebound strength of the tested beam reached C15, which did not meet the design requirements.

there are dozens of penetrating cracks in the concrete, with the highest rebound strength of 18.3.


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