[jianjiantong] Why is there always someone willing to do engineering supervision with low salary and poor treatment?

If you are tired, you can go around the site and continue to drink tea.

Not to mention the director, the monthly salary is 15000.

2: The promotion path is clear and simple, and the specialty can be from supervisor to professional supervision engineer, director representative to chief supervision engineer.

7: The cost of living is low, and the basic supervision companies are in charge of food and housing.

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Compared with the construction of squatting on the site for a day, you can choose to write materials in the office.

You are a leader.

Although most of the so-called food and housing are in charge of on-site construction general contracting and temporary housing, are they at least free? Although they work in the city and sit in the office with a salary of 7000 or 8000 per month, it doesn’t matter what they eat and live.

8: Strong sense of achievement.

Working outside, accommodation is the main part of consumption.

They are kind-hearted, amiable and have no distractions.

The on-site supervision department is often matched with the old, middle-aged and young.

Moreover, the quality of supervision personnel is relatively high, and they speak well.

You should still look like a leader for the quality and safety of the construction site.

There is no mistake in work, sports and leisure.

At this time, how many people can catch up with the salary? 6: The working environment is good.

These two dry supervisors are not a problem.

Similarly, others will respect you, at least on the surface.

Due to the relaxed workload, colleagues will not quarrel with each other and are easy to get along with.

To do a job, we all hope to be recognized and affirmed from the work and reap the return of that effort.

Remember, you are a manager.

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When you see tall buildings rising under your personal supervision and management, your heart must be full of pride; When the owner praises you for your strong business ability and good supervision service, your sense of achievement will certainly make you firm this choice.

The work can be completed in 10 minutes at most every day, which is equivalent to 10 minutes = 500 yuan.

From the perspective of enterprise management, you can also choose office clerks – competent managers – business division managers – department heads.

Architectural communication media ID: jianzhong001 because being a supervisor has the following advantages: 1.

The Director sends five minutes of wechat to arrange work every day.

There is no need to go to the site or write materials.

Your salary of more than 3000 per month must be more than theirs.

5: The hourly salary is high.

It is very important to have more free time as a supervisor.

It can be said that if you are engaged in supervision, your salary is absolutely worthy of your hard work and the cost performance is full.

Compared with the office workers who can’t move 996007, the personal free time of the supervisor is quite abundant, which can be used for drinking tea, reading books and textual research.

Don’t be surprised when someone calls you a leader on the site.

What else do you need? Come and supervise together.

3: The workload is easy.

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Will not be confused, as long as you work hard, the future is bright.

It is completed in less than an hour, which is equivalent to an hourly salary of 1H = 100 yuan.

You will fully feel it when you sign and seal.

The special supervisor’s salary is 6000, that is to look at the site and write a supervision log.

The supervision industry is a very inclusive industry, so heroes don’t ask about their origin, no matter what you used to do! No matter how many industries you’ve been stuck in before! No matter how many careers you’ve been rejected before! As long as you want to be a supervisor and have this idea, even if you don’t graduate from architecture, even if you don’t have a degree, as long as you can write, write your name and agree.

4: High professional status.

The work of a day can be completed in one hour, which is equivalent to the hourly salary of 1H = 200 yuan.

For example, although the supervisor has only a salary of more than 3000, he only runs to the site twice a day and writes a side station record.

The company will also solve your personal eating problem.

You can quickly find a position suitable for you and have a clear division of responsibilities.

Even if you drive a cart, sell vegetables, sweep the floor, farm, deliver takeout, be a security guard, a gangster, etc., the supervision industry can give you a job as long as you want.

9: The entry threshold is low.


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