[jianjiantong] the gable of a real estate in Changsha is suspected to be broken! Scared to death!

It can’t be covered up after brushing with asphalt, which is shocking.

Jianzhongtong media ID: jianzhong001october 8, Changsha, Hunan.

The owner reported that the exterior wall of a new Hualian dream city was cracked and worried about becoming a dangerous house.

Wangcheng district housing and Urban Rural Development Bureau responded: the exterior wall coating is cracked and is under maintenance.

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The developer of the building is Hunan Xinhualian Real Estate Development Co., Ltd., which immediately issued a statement on “suspected cracks in the West gable of 01# building”.

Moreover, the width of the cracks is large below and small above.

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[as the color of the real stone paint of the gable is off white, which forms a sharp contrast with the black polyurethane waterproof coating after painting, the gable forms a wide “suspected crack” from top to bottom when viewed from a distance, which is actually caused by the illusion caused by the exposure of the black polyurethane waterproof coating after painting.] the person in charge of the property also said that the “crack” is actually asphalt and does not affect the safety of the main body.

According to the photos, the wall cracks are about as thick as fingers, and the length is about more than 50m from top to bottom.

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The on-site pictures are as follows: the time is 00:07, and the time is 00:07.


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