In the construction industry, leaders promote you, the third is ability, the second is attitude, and the first is

Obtaining PMP certificate not only improves the project management level of the holder, but also directly reflects his personal competitiveness.

Perhaps many architects have such a question: why is it so difficult to get a promotion and a raise?   When working, I thought I could accumulate several years of work experience, promote to the middle level, hold high salary, and personally lead the team to contract projects; I didn’t expect that after a few years, I still stood still:   He has been wandering at the grass-roots level, and the new leader is younger than himself; The boss has never paid attention to his busy work every day; A meager salary supports the whole family, and the salary is not as fast as the price! Moreover, after working for a long time, you will find that elites with strong professional ability are not necessarily promoted by leaders; Senior employees may also work overtime at the grass-roots level for a lifetime.

It strictly evaluates whether the knowledge and skills of project managers have high-quality qualification examination.

As early as 2009, Ren Zhengfei of Huawei put forward that “a good enterprise must be project-centered; excellent enterprise employees must have project management ability.” 12 years later, Huawei eventually became the world’s leading ICT supplier and 5g technology ranked first in the world, thanks to its consistent “project-centered”.

At present, PMP is in 190 countries around the world   Synchronous certification from multiple countries is the authoritative qualification certification in the field of global project management.

It is a symbol of the identity of project management professionals.

It is initiated by the American Project Management Institute (PMI).

Therefore, as one of the three management certificates in the world   PMP Certificate (project management professional qualification certification) has also been favored by more and more workers.

02   How popular is it to have a PMP certificate? In fact, in almost all industries, employees with PMP certification and project management ability are not only favored in the job market, but also attractive in salary.

01‍‍‍‍   What is your PMP? Why is everyone taking the exam? ▲ PMP certificate   (project management professional) refers to the qualification certification of project management professionals.

Then, how can the Builder realize the workplace transition as soon as possible and get a smooth promotion and raise? Improving project management capability may be a good choice.

  ▲ the picture comes from the Internet.

According to the current market, the words “having PMP certification is preferred” and “having project management ability” have been mentioned more and more times, whether in construction, medical treatment, finance, aviation, automobile, processing and manufacturing, or it telecom industry.

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In daily work, any post in the construction industry, ranging from arranging their own work, looking for leaders to strive for resources, to cross departmental cooperation and management team, needs to have a certain project management ability.


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