[jianjiantong] Tao Te Ching: 10 classic sentences, worth reading again

Similar to getting up early and working, this kind of thing is good for yourself.

When a person has a blessing, he should remember heaven and earth and give back to others.

Warn yourself to be a low-key person: upright in character, but not alienated from others; It has edges and corners, but it doesn’t hit people; Speak bluntly, but don’t hurt people; Dazzling, but not blind.

The dignity of life comes from inner abundance, not the satisfaction of desire.

06 “Tao Te Ching” has a saying: “the way of heaven, the loss is more than enough and the deficiency is made up.” The flowers are half open, and the wine is slightly drunk; If the moon is full, it will lose, and if the water is full, it will overflow.

Taking care of your heart is the highest realm of life.

Maybe you can’t change other people’s opinions, but you can change your attitude; Maybe you can’t overcome the surrounding environment, but you can improve your level.

Instead of demanding perfection and knowing how to “keep deficiencies”, we can gather a lot of blessings.

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Loving yourself is the most advanced attitude towards life.

If you want to do great things, you must be down-to-earth and play steadily step by step.

But you can’t boast everywhere and make enemies for yourself.

Such people can develop their strengths and avoid their weaknesses in action.

If you want to know the world and others, you must start from knowing yourself.

In the end, we know that the world is our own and has nothing to do with others.” Everyone’s final destination is himself.

In the challenges and transcendence again and again, achieve better yourself.

If you are greedy for heaven’s achievements and think you have them, you are bound to encounter heaven’s anger and man’s resentment..

In the study of success, there is a “law of 10000 hours”: if you want to achieve something, you need to adhere to three hours a day for ten years.

The more others praise, the more inflated he will be.

This is the right way in the world and the supreme principle of life.

Opportunism can only end up giving up halfway and achieving nothing.

If your heart is bitter, don’t pretend to be generous.

Can an be good?” Resentment can be resolved, but resentment cannot be dissipated.

Yang Jiang once said: “we are so eager for the waves of fate.

02 “Tao Te Ching” says: “those who win are powerful, and those who win are strong.” He who can defeat others is just more powerful; Those who can defeat themselves are the real strong ones.

In the end, we find that the most beautiful scenery of life is the inner calmness and calmness; we have been so looking forward to the recognition of the outside world.

Don’t always think about using your strengths to overcome the weaknesses of others.

Don’t pretend to understand what you don’t understand.

Transfer the time and energy of comparing with others to improve their cultivation.

It takes 10000 hours to make achievements.

“Tao Te Ching” says: “with great resentment, there must be more resentment.

If you can’t even do the most basic, it’s hard to get the respect of others.

What kind of person you are, you will attract what kind of person; You will treat life as you treat yourself.

It is easy to be confused by the polite praise of others.

“Historical records” has a saying: “anti hearing is called wisdom, internal vision is called brightness.” It means that you can listen to others’ words in your ears and worry about them in your heart, which is called wisdom; It is wise to reflect on yourself.

Always force yourself to tolerate others; Where is the mood to be a good man? No matter what happens to you, someone always advises you: endure the calm wind and waves for a while, and take a step back.

You should know what you can do and what you should do.

A wise man is one who stands high and deals with the world low.

03 “Tao Te Ching” says: “self love is not self expensive, so go there and take this.” A person must first learn to love himself before he can love others.

But few people tell you: resentment builds up and is likely to hurt your body! Those who despise you will teach you to grow; Those who betray you teach you to be strong.

There is no need to wrong yourself and forgive those who should not be forgiven.

When you are strong, you will move towards a higher level and meet better people.

Smart people are not only good at listening to other people’s opinions, but also can reflect on themselves from different opinions, so as to achieve the effect of listening and understanding.

If you only listen to the pleasant voice and flattery, it is easy to be dizzy, floating, and even deceived.

Don’t blame others for a temporary failure.

What should be thanked is not the person who hurt you, but a strong self.

It’s better to walk steadily than fast.

People without self-knowledge can’t figure out how many kilograms they have.

Zeng Guofan said: “therefore, we can strive for strength in self-study, but not in winning people.” Face others with awe all the time.

Confucius said, “if you don’t want speed, you won’t reach it.” Life is a marathon.

As long as it is correct, even if you are not used to it and unwilling to do it, you should force yourself to try and break through.

As the saying goes: “listen to the sound, gongs and drums listen to the sound.” People are selfish and protect their weaknesses.

The ancients said: “the difficulty of ambition is not to win people, but to win yourself.” The highest state of life lies not in defeating others, but in defeating yourself.

The highest brightness of life is to maintain a state of “will be full but not full”.

05 “Tao Te Ching” said: “the enterprise does not stand, the cross can not.” Those who stand on tiptoe may stand high, but they are destined to stand unstable; People who take big strides may walk fast, but they are destined not to go far.

A big tree catches the wind when a gun hits a bird.

Don’t forcibly interfere with what you can’t control.

04 “Tao Te Ching” has a saying: “sage square but not cut, honest but not GUI, straight but not reckless, light but not evil.” A person can have excellent strength and noble virtue.

They like listening to sweet words and listening to American language.

Treat your own affairs with enough effort; Be modest enough to treat others.

Xunzi said, “those who know themselves don’t complain about others, and those who complain about others are poor.” A man with self-knowledge finds the reason from himself.

The person who makes a mistake is clearly himself, but on the contrary, he blames others, which is easy to lose his heart and get into trouble.

Architectural media ID: jianzhong00101 “Tao Te Ching” says: “those who know people are wise, and those who know themselves are clear.” One’s life is a process of constantly knowing oneself.


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