[jianjiantong] Provincial Department: an enterprise defaults on the wages of migrant workers, limits the bidding for 3 months, and is not

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Recently, Jiangxi Provincial Department of housing and urban rural development issued a joint disciplinary decision.

It is restricted to participate in the bidding of housing construction and municipal engineering projects in Jiangxi Province for 3 months, and shall not undertake new projects with construction labor qualification during the period of punishment.

A construction service company was punished by the provincial department for defaulting on the wages of migrant workers, which constituted the crime of “refusing to pay labor remuneration”.

On December 24, the national teleconference on eradicating the wage arrears of migrant workers and migrant workers was held in Beijing.

Li Keqiang, member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and Premier of the State Council, made important instructions: we should take more effective measures to resolutely solve the outstanding problems of migrant workers’ wage arrears, never allow the hard money of migrant workers’ wages to be owed, and those who maliciously default should be severely punished in accordance with the law and regulations.

At the end of each year, it is an important time for the state to vigorously rectify the wage arrears.

Further improve the policy mechanism, focus on the projects of the government and state-owned enterprises, and solidly carry out the special action to crack down on unpaid wages in winter, so as to effectively make migrant workers earn income from work and make new contributions to maintaining sustained and stable economic development and ensuring and improving people’s livelihood! slide.


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