[jianjiantong] how many of the 10 signs of happiness do you have?

If you can cherish it when you love, turn around gracefully, smile when you wave goodbye, and be strong when you are injured, you will have the power of happiness.

Wang Xiaobo said: “I often go back to my childhood and think about problems with a childlike innocence.

Only in this way can you resist malice when you are attacked; When confused, stick to yourself.

Love is a great ability, and being loved is an unspeakable happiness.

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Xiaobian here lists 10 signs that can make people feel happy.

Foot Eye Anchor

Come and see how many you have- 01 – having an ideal job when work is a pleasure, life is a enjoyment! When work is a duty, life is hard labour.

Health is the source of all happiness.

Three things help to ease the pain of life: hope, sleep and smile- 03 – there are several reliable friends who can accompany you shopping and gossip when you are bored.

In this world, being able to eat is a super happy thing.

The moonlight is beautiful, not comparable to the comfort of friends; The night sky is beautiful, not as precious as friendship; The stars are beautiful, not like the embellishment of friendship.

If you have something you can’t think of, go and have a big meal.

Anyway, eat on time and don’t treat yourself badly.

Many troublesome problems become easy to solve.”- 06 – never give up the ever-growing faith.

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Flowers bloom and fall, spring and autumn come; The sunshine sprinkled into the windowsill and the evening wind blowing into the hair room; Those little beauties in life are the most moving details and memories in life- 10 – free mind and broad mind, no matter where you go, what weather, what things you meet, you urgently need to bring your own sunshine and be your own little sun.

Always believe in love, because people who have tasted love will always have warmth in their hearts- 09 – taste small and beautiful feelings.

We firmly believe that there is hope when we move forward.

In fact, it also has many signs.

Jianzhong001 happiness is not groundless.

Even if the world is rough, you should remain sensitive and strive to accept the gifts and moves of life.

The world is changing at any time, and injury is inevitable.

If you can’t, two meals- 05 – a childlike innocence, no matter how old, should have a heart of eternal youth, simple life and simple love.

Love what you love, do what you do, listen to your heart, and ask nothing- 07 – having a healthy body is an old saying, but there is nothing more important than good health.

We live forever and have more faith.

A comfortable and interesting job makes you feel full and satisfied even if it is hard- 02 – stable and peaceful sleep, high-quality sleep every day to ensure adequate sleep quality, so as to have the energy to face the world of teeth and claws.

You are not in the best time, but you are in the best time.

– 04 – eat, Ma Xiang’s appetite.

Because only with a healthy body can we have the mood to experience happiness- 08 – a person who teaches you to love and be loved.


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