It is not only a net red building, but also a spiritual landmark! The town of Qingdao is on fire

When the fairy tale meets reality, Aladdin’s magic carpet appears in the valley of Addo Town, which brings the children the biggest surprise in their childhood.

Here, the building is no longer a simple pile of reinforced concrete, but a vibrant, vivid image everywhere, reaching a high unity of material and spirit.

It is not only a color, but also the best medium for the integration of light and shadow, space and reality.

There are rows of shops and guest houses on both sides.

This is the real spiritual connotation of Addo town – “man” life..

The wonderful beauty of Tang style architecture blooms here.

Immersive experience, be a person of the Tang Dynasty, and feel the infinite charm of the style of the prosperous Tang Dynasty.

Bars, teahouses and restaurants are scattered among them.

White has a “dust meaning”.

The whole wedding hall is superimposed and restored in the form of abstract slices, which will present different visual pictures when people observe from different angles.

03   Inject diffuse life spirit into ADO Town,   Let poetic life become a daily life   You can feel the leisure life brought by ADOH in just a few days, from the first sight of the moon sky · wedding hall to the comfort of walking on ADOH island.

As the writer Zhu Yong said in the preface of the Forbidden City: Zhu Yong’s architectural notes, “architecture is not only the architecture itself, but also the spiritual plant growing on the earth.” this view has been verified one by one in Addo town.

Elephant Foot Ferrule

The business format is prosperous.

Chinese garden art originated in the Sui and Tang Dynasties and reached the Dacheng of the Song Dynasty.

Listening attentively, the wind whispered.

02   Tang Feng town continues the cultural background of the millennium,   Build a spiritual highland for young people in the town   If the wanghong building group is a well deserved spiritual landmark of Addo Town, Addo island must represent the spiritual highland of Addo town.

However, if you want to really enter Addo town and don’t want to be a passer-by, you must come to Addo to live for a period of time, indulge in Addo flower street and experience the daily life of landscape pastoral poetry camellia.

With the application of streamline feeling, it is wrapped into a soft cavity structure, as if the baby is curled up in the arms of the mother.

When we step into Addo Town, we can see and walk, such as wanghong architecture, Addo flower island, Addo flower street, or have a visual impact or bring an immersive experience.

It is sunny and has a wide view, overlooking the whole area.

The yuekong · wedding hall is located in the Xanadu town.

Here, the lake is quiet, waterfalls are flying, fragrant paths are quiet, and garden sketches such as strange stones and bonsai are dotted to shape the unique temperament of adohua Island, which is quiet, simple and elegant.

The commanding height of adohua island is Baima Pavilion, adjacent to smile square, which means “round sky and place”.

The style of the times of Tangfeng ancient town is fully displayed.

Why can a building hit people’s hearts instantly and become the spiritual landmark of Addo town? In fact, this is inseparable from the “spirit of place” given by designers and architects.

The temple of Poseidon, the God of the sea, stands on the promontory of Sunion, facing the towering and shocking waves; The Apollo Temple of the sun god is located on a high platform in Delphi city.

The whole town has ups and downs on the Highlands, and the streets move along the mountains.

Looking at the shops facing the street and those antique buildings, it feels like going back in time, as if wandering in the prosperity of the market in the prosperous Tang Dynasty.

It is inherited from the Chinese people’s longing for poetic life since ancient times.

In order to make the perfect appearance of adohua Island, the project team keeps improving, takes the magnificent and fantastic architecture of the prosperous Tang Dynasty as the blueprint, and meets the tourism experience of modern people, and creatively builds an ancient town that inherits the classics and uses the present world.

At the dawn of the lantern, Chang’an never sleeps, and the flower island never sleeps.

In 1979, the famous Norwegian urban architect Norbert Schutz put forward the concept of “place spirit” (geniusloci).

The external image of yuekong · wedding hall is pure white.

Adohuayu is a small town that can dream back to the prosperous Tang Dynasty.

Every building in the town is magnificent, neat and cheerful.

In the soothing white noise, a pure white auditorium stood in the valley, pure and beautiful, as if it solidified time and space and became a spiritual landmark leading to eternity.

The whole restaurant is a ring structure with a blank courtyard in the middle, which can be called the largest “diamond ring” in history.

Finally, as we can see, on the deep natural background board of zangma mountain, yuekong wedding hall, flower flying carpet and diamond restaurant are arranged together, reflecting each other, full of avant-garde, avant-garde and pure temperament, building a trinity spiritual landmark, explaining the “site spirit” here and now, and informing guests from afar that this is “Addo”.

There is Tang Dynasty in Zhaozhao, and Heaven gives all countries, bustling and prosperous, shining for thousands of years.

Walking through the small town of green brick and white tile, there are deep courtyards, small bridges and running water everywhere.

This flying carpet combines the white muscle bottom with the straight lines, and the flexible and smooth curves seem to break away from the shackles of the earth and rise in the wind.

Addo’s architectural and spiritual images   Addo town   Any kind of architecture, from the initial pragmatism to the aesthetic form given by the designer, should have a third meaning, that is to become a spiritual symbol on a piece of land.

The ultimate appeal of the designer is to breed an eternal and quiet space wrapped by love in a quiet town, creating a container of content and a scene of story, which endows the building with “place spirit”.

Bill Porter, an American Sinologist, wrote a book “orchid in an empty valley”, which recorded his experience of visiting modern hermits in Zhongnan mountain and other places in China in the 1980s and 1990s.

Its emergence is to turn China’s longing for poetic life inherited for thousands of years into reality.

A classical garden is a historical epitome of ancient traditional culture.

Shanhai is about to witness the happy moment of a new couple and add a sweet taste of love to the life of Duomin.

Thus, at the first sight of the moon sky wedding hall, “Addo” has entered people’s hearts.

Walking on adohuayu island is like a dream, returning to the prosperous Tang Dynasty with literary, political and martial arts.

  What adohuayu creates is an immersive living experience, which gathers eight online popular B & B brands, including huajiantang, lebei, Liuyue, xingtianwai, Buyi Inn, yesterday, Huazhu · shezijin and Zen post, so that you can experience the reincarnation of the world in different artistic conception and really find the ideal lifestyle you yearn for in your heart.

Only by climbing on it and overlooking the whole town can we find the great beauty of the buildings in the prosperous Tang Dynasty.

As a leading team in the field of Chinese culture and tourism, Mao architecture firm has built Nianhua Bay, a small town in Lingshan, Wuxi, integrating Zen and the beauty of space, presenting an empty and remote Oriental “Zen realm”.

01   With a touch of white rising in the mountains,   Set up the spiritual landmark of Addo town   In the early morning of late autumn, the mountains are shrouded in a light layer of white fog, with thousands of frost days.

In addition, next to the moon sky wedding hall is also a pure white building – flying carpet.

Inside the wedding hall, the arc-shaped dome is used to condense the artistic conception of “return”.

It can be seen that from the Seven Sages in the bamboo forest and Tao Yuanming to today’s Zhongnan hermits, retreating to the countryside, cherishing the mountains and enjoying a poetic life has been the dream of scholars and scholars for thousands of years, and it is also the new pursuit of Chinese people for a better life in the new consumption era.

  The all glass curtain wall of the diamond restaurant is like a carefully cut diamond, reflecting the appearance of romantic love.

Based on rich natural ecological endowment and profound historical and cultural heritage, adohua island gives the cultural background of idyllic, art, poetry and literature of ADO Town, and constructs the spiritual highland of the town’s youth.

Looking around, under the reflection of light and shadow, every pavilion is beautiful, solemn and generous, gorgeous but not slender, stretched but not publicized, and full of vitality in simplicity.

Taking ancient Greek architecture as an example, the location of the temple must match the characteristics of the gods it worships.

The movement and static are appropriate.

  Adohuayu is designed by Mao architecture firm.


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