Is it okay for an architectural designer to turn around and go to a design review company after the age of 50?

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The document clearly requires that applicants should meet the following conditions:.

1. Having the nationality of the People’s Republic of China and enjoying the political rights of citizens; Support the Party’s line, principles, and policies;.

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4. Male under 50 years old (born on or after December 1, 1973); Women under the age of 45 (born on or after December 1, 1978);.

6. Having other required qualifications (see Job Description Form for details)..

In summary, the requirements for this high-level talent include: under the age of 50; Bachelor’s degree or above; Having a Level 1 Registered Structural Engineer Certificate (Professional Qualification) and a Senior Engineer Certificate (Professional Title Certificate); 15 years or more of experience in structural design; Hosted at least 5 large-scale building design projects; In the past 5 years, there have been no violations of engineering construction laws and regulations, and no penalties have been imposed..

Architectural designers who have been in the industry for many years generally hold a first-class certificate and a senior engineering certificate. They are technical backbone of large and medium-sized design institutes, and some can also lead no less than 5 large-scale building designs; If the design work is done with caution, it can also be achieved that there have been no violations of engineering construction laws and regulations and penalties in the past 5 years. However, there is also a saying that goes “do more, make more mistakes”. It is common for top architectural design institutes to violate strong regulations when producing drawings..

If entering middle age starts from the age of 35, after the age of 40, it should be the post middle age era. A 50 year old architectural designer, male with at least 10 years left until retirement; Women have at least 5 years left. Graduated from university in their early twenties, they have over 30 years of design work experience. The age requirement of the Ministry of Housing and Urban Rural Development for the review personnel is that they should not exceed 65 years old in principle. Once turning to a design review company was also a way out for middle-aged architectural designers. However, middle-aged architectural designers under the age of 40 are reluctant to turn around and work with the old man and old lady as colleagues to review drawings every day..

This recruitment in Wuxi requires a red line for those under 50 years old, and will mercilessly reject those over 50 years old. Sorry, Ma Huateng’s golden sentence: Sometimes you don’t do anything wrong, it’s just that you’re too old! The high-level talents we recruit are still within the establishment, and the end of the universe is the establishment! There is naturally no shortage of design elites to apply. Don’t forget that the majority of civil service exams are limited to those under 35 years old, and the recruitment of technical personnel in public institutions is also mostly limited to those under 40 years old. We have relaxed it to under 50 years old this time!.

As early as March 2019, the General Office of the State Council issued the Implementation Opinions on the Comprehensive Reform of the Approval System for Engineering Construction Projects, which required pilot areas to accelerate the exploration of canceling construction drawing reviews (or narrowing the scope of reviews), implementing a notification commitment system, and a design personnel responsibility system, and quickly form replicable and promotable experiences. It is also the first time that the State Council has proposed to abolish the construction drawing review system, and after not reviewing, the responsibility for design quality will be lifelong borne by designers..


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