Illegal construction caused a large area of gas stoppage in Nanchong! It is expected that all will be restored at this time

Pu, the person in charge of the pipeline management department of CNPC gas company, and learned that after the on-site constructors worked overtime, the illegal buildings have been basically demolished.

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It is expected that the gas supply can be restored in all places where the gas is stopped tomorrow afternoon.

On January 19, the medium pressure pipeline leaked due to the illegal building at No.

Pu said that because a large amount of construction waste has not been cleaned up, we can only connect the last pipeline (Civil Aviation dormitory and Comfort Hotel) after cleaning up tomorrow.

If there is any infringement, please contact us and delete it in time! Nanchong: the garage in the community is seriously leaking, and the owner is very upset! Nanchong, a man exposed his body in broad daylight and molested a woman! Aerial photography of Nanchong’s new “wing” the third provincial Linjiang New Area in Sichuan — dissatisfied with teachers’ ethics and style? Nanchong people can make these calls 163 houses have been sealed up.

Lifting Eye Anchor

Nanchong arranges and edits and issues a statement: the publication of this article is only for the purpose of conveying more information and does not mean that it agrees with or supports the author’s point of view.

He Xianfei, an all media reporter of Nanchong daily, came from Nanchong micro newspaper.

Nanchong sees the rise.

The gas supply in the military division and the May day hospital area has been restored at 4 pm this afternoon, and the gas supply in the long march road area has been restored at 5:30 pm.

98, jinyuling Road, Shunqing District, resulting in a large area of gas shutdown nearby.

Be careful when buying the Second District of Blu ray Tianjiao city!..

On the afternoon of January 21, the reporter interviewed Ms.


After the “Nanchong see” report disclosed the reasons for gas shutdown, it attracted the attention of the majority of users.


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