I want to complain, why should building facades be standardized and aesthetic?

It integrates functions, art, technology, culture and other aspects into one.

Contrast and change can well break the monotonous and boring form effect and form the interesting change of vision.

The architecture and environment can be integrated and coordinated, and can also be contrasted.

PART.2X Influencing factors of building facade design X1/Geoclimatic factors: The impact of climate on building facade is very direct and obvious.

2/Proportion control: proportion refers to the comparative relationship between the quantity of several parts.

Different site conditions limit the plane and spatial layout of the building, and naturally different sites will produce different architectural forms.

2/Humanistic factors: As the separation interface between the interior and exterior space of the building, the building facade is an important window for ordinary visitors to understand the building and local culture.

Oh, Design | Resources | Inspiration | The text of the “921” issue is finished, and the end is amazing by the facade of this building.

Its existence needs to take full account of the actual situation of the surrounding things.

In architecture, it often contains many meanings, such as the ratio of length, width, and virtual and real segments.

3/Color matching: color is a common artistic method used by architects in design and creation.

Q Detailed explanation of the main points of architectural facade design PART.1X The aesthetic principle of architectural facade design X1/The principle of unity: there is change in unity, and the aesthetic principle of unity in change is the basic law of formal beauty Painting and other art fields have been widely used.

Reference: aesthetic exploration in building facade design, Tong Jingyong Photo source: Goodwill Design Network, since everyone has forced facade standardization, we can’t be an exception~Guidelines for the standardized design of the facade of Goldland residential buildings The detailed drawing of the effect of the sales office of the western-style house shows only a small part of the above.

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Compared with other composition and construction methods, color has less influence on the use function and construction level.

2/The principle of contrast: integrity and change are a pair of aesthetic contradictions.

The collision of different colors will form a rich visual effect, which can break the dull feeling of single tone.

Crown Foot Anchor

3/Environmental factors of the base: buildings are not isolated from the environment.

In recent years, architectural designers have paid more and more attention to the expression of context in the facade.

The south pays attention to the ventilation and heat dissipation of buildings; The north fully considers the factors of cold prevention and thermal insulation.

Only achieving a sense of integrity does not necessarily produce a good aesthetic effect.

PART.3X Aesthetic elements of architectural facade design X1/architectural form: architectural form is the first feeling of the building reflected in the eyes, and the form determines the overall impression of the building in a sense.

How can it achieve such perfect facade aesthetics! At the end of the article, the standardized design guidelines for the facade of Jindi residential buildings are no longer the passive response of internal functions.


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