I have been involved in architectural design for the past decade (12)

Continuing from the previous article, this fable is a fictional story. If there are any similarities in the plot, it is purely a coincidence. The names of the people in the text are all fictional, so please do not take the same position..

After resigning and taking a driver’s license test at home, I still feel quite anxious. After all, if Guangdong * * Design Institute comes and doesn’t want me anymore, I won’t even have a 1700 yuan income, which is very scary. A few days later, I sent a text message to the HR department to confirm if they would open on September 12th. The HR department repeatedly replied, “Yes, rest assured that it will be a day of work.”. I guess I’m also wondering if anyone else is so eager to join..

On September 12, 2016, on the 23rd floor of Building C of Jianzheng Oriental Center, I was quite excited to arrive at this high-end office building. However, at first glance into the office, the impact was quite strong. That workstation looked too much like a CAD training institution, with rows of direct connections. Green apples were the most precious decoration of this office. I am quite satisfied with this location, which is located at the easternmost point of Zhengzhou and allows me to return to Zhongmu every day. The bus is under Bridge 107, and the last bus is at 9 pm. Everyone knows that Xiaobai has to catch the last bus every day until 8:50 pm. The experience of catching the last bus is still worth remembering..

I don’t know who the leader is when I first joined, and the two leaders in the building are also bending over to distribute computers to everyone. There are no single rooms, and at this time, there is only one office room. The leader of the building sat by the window, and there were about ten buildings that joined on the same day. It turned out that there were already about ten sitting there. It was then that I understood the situation. The real estate company was preparing to vigorously develop the Henan side, moving the design institute from Jinan to Zhengzhou. Those who were willing to come together came over, while those who were unwilling left. This design institute is somewhat similar to the “Jingzhou Qingchuan Design Institute” mentioned earlier, but the difference is that this design institute has more complete qualifications and a full range of specialties. I was sitting in the row at the door. I remember Q worker on the right and CH worker from Jinan on the left. I have a relatively introverted personality and I don’t speak much. The two of them have one thing in common: playing DOTA. During lunch breaks, they often team up to play. I look on the left and right, as if I have returned to my university dormitory. I didn’t know what to do when I first arrived, but I was waiting to arrange my work. CH worker told me that there was a Huishui project to familiarize me with. It turned out that the colleague was going to return to Shandong for maternity leave in a week. Huishui, I have never heard of this place before. Baidu only found out that it is Qiannan Buyi and Miao Autonomous Prefecture in Guizhou Province. When asked to look for it on the map, I didn’t know how to find it. This project is very magical. I knew about it in 2016 and left there in 2019. I have never had any drawings to answer questions, no on-site construction cooperation, and I don’t even know anyone from the design department of Party A. It’s possible that other colleagues handled the problem by hand. CH worker told me that you just need to provide the diagram for this project. Don’t worry about anything else, let’s talk about it later. Who knows, there hasn’t been much going on for three years, and by 2019, they said they had completed it..

Column Clamps Formwork

It was Mid-Autumn Festival just three days after I went to work. I asked for an afternoon’s leave in advance and went to Qinhuangdao. The person in charge gladly gave me a leave. Maybe it was sincere to see my face, but four months ago, I got married.


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