Health Care+Municipal Public Building Design: Beijing Taikang Home – Yanyuan Phase III and Community Vitality Center/Case

“Youth is not time, but a state of mind; it is not peach blossom, red lips, or soft knees, but a deep will, grand imagination, and hot emotions: youth is the source of life flowing. Years increase, not aging, ideals are discarded, and old age falls.” – Samuel Ullman’s “Youth”.

The elderly care community is like a miniature city. On the premise of meeting basic living needs such as medical care, care, and lifestyle habits, what else do the elderly living here need? This case attempts to provide a place for elderly people to face their inner needs, step out of a relatively static space, and gain stronger vitality with a more free and open attitude here. With a younger mindset, they can participate in social activities and learn new skills in this space..

The project is located in the core area of Changping New City in Beijing, adjacent to Baifuquan Wetland Park and Mangshan National Forest Park, with an area of 11800 meters ²。 Compared to the regular architectural form around, the Vitality Center presents a more free and vibrant organic form. Like a drop of water, it creates ripples in the field, spreading and rising from the center, forming a white, soft cloud that eventually transforms into a free roof. The soft natural form of clouds is in line with the surrounding natural environment, and the connecting bridge pointing towards the west side of Baifuquan Park creates a closer connection between the building and nature. Design achieves the integration of architecture and nature from both form and function, and drives community vitality through the language of nature..

The Vitality Center has a fitness center, dining center, library, and senior university, among others, with rich functions to meet various living needs. Each functional area is closely organized, visually infiltrating each other around the courtyard garden, presenting a natural, relaxed, and active open spatial atmosphere..

Above the courtyard called the Four Seasons Flower Hall is a sunlit skylight, allowing the elderly to feel the natural changes of the four seasons in the indoor space. People can promote interaction with each other in a more free and comfortable way in indoor spaces filled with greenery, sunshine, and free curves..

The three story roof under the large roof is designed as an open sports garden, which is an outdoor place for elderly people to rest, exercise, and communicate. It can be easily accessed through multiple accessible elevators both indoors and outdoors. The rooftop walkway extends westward to the direction of Baifuquan Wetland Park, integrating artificial scenery with the natural environment..

Climbing Cone

The building adopts a lightweight and irregular curved PTFE membrane structure roof, resembling clouds floating on the ground. The entrance adopts a two story high glass curtain wall, which introduces the natural landscape into the interior and provides good natural light. The solid wall section is constructed using vertical metal curtain walls to create rich details..

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