Huwei new book sharing meeting | traveling thousands of miles online to see church buildings

By reading 27 articles published by the author in the column of starfish since 2016, as well as the introduction “overview of church and church architecture” and the appendix “historical events” and “glossary”, readers will understand church architecture, church and believers’ faith life.

With the publication of Fang Ji Huwei’s new book “enjoy church architecture together”, the sharing meeting of “travel thousands of miles online and see church architecture” hosted by Lingzi media will be held through zoom at 3 p.m.

His new book “enjoy church architecture together” was published by Lingzi media in mid November.

The author will use pictures to describe its style and characteristics, its relationship with the architecture of lion city church, and the interesting experience in the journey.

This is an easy to read and understand book, which is divided into “understanding the architectural style of churches”, “visiting foreign church buildings” and “feeling the church and faith life”.

The church buildings described in the book are all visited by the author, including the holy land, Italy, Spain, France, Germany, Britain and Singapore.

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on November 20 (Saturday).

Francis Huwei will introduce his new book “enjoy church architecture together” and share the architectural masterpieces of three foreign churches he has visited: York   Minster, the seven suffering Church of our lady in Suzhou and the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela.

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Francis Huwei is a famous architect in Singapore.


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