How is CSCEC managed abroad?

Sponsor and participate in the laohengdong residents’ games.

The I-shaped steel is designed to go up and down the berm and assembled with components, which is convenient and fast for the diversion of people and vehicles on the road.

In addition to the raw materials of reinforcement, four boom tower cranes and four internal climbing distributors were also purchased.

The personnel of the project department and residents form teams to participate in various activities to deepen friendship.

  Point 7: all kinds of protection of protection projects without blind spots have reached the extreme.

Lifting Eye

The blood vessel identification instrument on the back of the hand can effectively prevent the access card from brushing, and it is basically impossible to lose it! In addition, why the back of the hand rather than the palm or fingerprint? Because relatively speaking, the back of the hand is less vulnerable to injury or pollution.

The inflatable sound insulation wall has no noise.

The deepening of design, professional subcontracting and various tests are completed under the guidance of the general contractor.

A beautiful day begins again!) step 2: pre class safety education step 3: pre class meeting   Highlight 3: achieve the ultimate noise reduction.

The steel bar protection at the site shall use eye-catching colors to prevent personnel from accidentally bumping into the temporary enclosure to block the car.

The tower crane has entered the site for installation, and the imported reinforcement has been transported to the port   Point 5: the changeable mechanical “hand” has multiple tool heads for one excavator, and is proficient in earth excavation, rock drilling, iron suction, steel bar clamping, broken concrete and so on.

  Highlight 1: the “punch in” construction personnel on the back of their hands need to pass the access control of Jeju dream city building project without carrying an access control card.

Having an international vision is one of the necessary abilities of every engineer.

Let’s do sports.

Let’s take a look at how Chinese construction enterprises manage projects in Korea, a traditional construction power.

N highlights can’t be missed!! Project case: Jeju dream building new project location: Jeju Island, South Korea Project Overview: the project is a high-end hotel and supporting service facilities, with a total construction area of 303700 m2, 6 floors underground and 38 floors above the ground, and the building height is about 170m.

They just need to stick the back of their hands on the punch in machine to easily count the names, ages, blood types (which are very useful in emergency treatment) and attendance of those who pass.

Managers can master them at any time through mobile app.

Invite representatives of local neighborhood committees to visit the project site, explain the site situation and ask for understanding.

↑ excavation tool head → rebar hook tool head earth rock cutting tool head clamp rebar tool head without manual work, and the rebar removed by the instrument is separated from the concrete   Point 6: excellent professional “Kung Fu” in Korea requires high professional quality, professional ability and quality level of the general contractor.

In order to minimize the interference to the surrounding residents, the project “does everything”.

Dry powder fire-extinguishing bomb.

The “toolbox meeting” is referred to as TBM, which is commonly referred to as “pre shift safety education” in China.

The drilling equipment shall be removed and wrapped with cotton felt to reduce noise, and a noise reduction sound insulation wall shall be added   Highlight 4: due to the lack of local materials and equipment resources on Jeju Island, we have given full play to the advantages of the enterprise’s resource platform and opened up the channel for domestic procurement together with agents, suppliers and transportation companies.

The solar warning light RPP enclosure has complete personal safety protection   Aspect 8: Territorial integration in order to promote the harmonious relationship between the project department and the surrounding residents and avoid disturbing the residents as much as possible, the project department has done a lot of work and efforts.

It is an indisputable fact that the scope and scale of international business of the first company of China Construction Eighth Engineering Bureau, construction technology and domestic engineering companies have been expanding.

The ceiling of each room is equipped with special machinery for high-altitude operation construction according to the fire-fighting standard of temporary buildings ↑ anti noise earplug access box → fire-fighting equipment, shoe washer, dangerous goods storage, mobile toilet, lounge and smoking room..

Warning signs must be set up for road occupation, and the application for road occupation must be made to the city hall in advance, with strict occupation date and safety warning setting requirements when occupying the road.

But in the dream building project, TBM has a complete system.

Come and see! The Jeju dream building project is also equipped with health care managers, who hold nurse qualification certificates and have relevant work experience.

Actively organize voluntary cleaning activities   Highlight 9: there are many wonderful highlights at other project sites.

  Highlight 2: toolbox meeting is held by the project department every morning.

And the tool head replacement and disassembly can be completed automatically, with a high degree of mechanization.

Step 1: 10 minute national safety Gymnastics (how about three laps on the left and three laps on the right, twist your neck and buttocks, go to bed early and get up early.

The RPP sound proof wall (4m) + dust net (2m) noise concentration area shall be provided with inflatable sound insulation wall.


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