How does a building incarnate a virtual power plant?

Each power supply can be controlled centrally through the central controller to realize coordinated control, and each independently controlled distributed power supply and energy storage can also be regulated through demand response and other means.

The three key basic resources of virtual power plant are distributed generation, energy storage equipment and adjustable load.

For more detailed introduction of virtual power plant, CINB can refer to the previous article “what is virtual power plant?”.

At present, many small-scale Cogeneration in actual operation are based on heat, and power consumption and power generation are only used as some additional products of heat generation and use; As energy consuming equipment, heat pump mostly consumes electricity, and electricity price plays a decisive role in the economy of heat pump.

In addition, the building’s own production capacity equipment can be used to fully participate in the power market.

With the gradual maturity of power market and information technology, each building may become a potential resource of virtual power plant in the future.

As an intelligent decision-making center, the power users of industrial and commercial buildings and even residential buildings can directly benefit from mutual benefit and win-win results.

With the development of distributed energy technology, more and more buildings will become the role of production and marketing integration.

At this time, the construction operator can turn on the energy consumption equipment according to the situation of the equipment, such as turning on the heat pump to generate heat with electricity, store it and use it when needed (or turn on the power storage equipment to store electricity), so as to make full use of the market regulation mechanism, Effectively improve the energy utilization efficiency of macro system and save energy expenditure at the same time..

The popularization of smart meters provides good technical support for the realization of virtual power plant.

In order to improve the reliability of energy supply, more and more buildings will be equipped with their own standby power supply.

This advantage is reflected in all projects, but they have a more important advantage that has not been fully utilized, that is, the flexibility of the two equipment.

It is necessary to effectively improve the energy utilization efficiency and promote the effective utilization of energy.

The basic idea of virtual power plant is to divide the parts into whole, that is, all controllable energy equipment within a certain range can be managed as a power plant.

Previous article “what is a virtual power plant?” (click to view previous periods) how does the building incarnate into a virtual power plant| Author: Chen Yusheng “If the first industrial revolution created dense urban core areas, economic apartments, neighborhoods, skyscrapers and rising factories; the second industrial revolution gave birth to a large area of real estate in the suburbs and the prosperity of industrial areas; then the third industrial revolution will turn every existing building into a dual-use residence – housing and micro power plant.” – Jeremy First of all, let’s talk about what is a virtual power plant? Virtual power plant is a power supply coordination management system that realizes the aggregation, coordination and optimization of distributed generation system, energy storage system and controllable load through advanced information and communication technology and software system, so as to participate in the power market and power grid operation as a special power plant.

In this way, it can interact with the external market, make full use of the market regulation mechanism, achieve profitability, and effectively improve the energy utilization efficiency of the macro system.

Virtual power plant is essentially a coordination system based on various distributed energy equipment.

On this basis, any independent building may be a small power plant.

When the electricity price is high, the construction operator can use its own power supply capacity, spontaneously use its own surplus power to go online or directly participate in the power market to achieve profitability; When the electricity charge is low, turn off its own capacity equipment, turn on the energy storage equipment while turning on the energy consumption equipment, so as to be used in case of peak building load.

At this time, the building will become what we call a virtual power plant.

When the price is high, it means that the market power demand is large and the capacity is relatively insufficient.

At the same time, they can directly benefit from the price signal of the power market and make full use of local resources, Greatly reduce building energy costs.

Heat pump and cogeneration have high energy efficiency in the energy system.

At this time, we can start cogeneration to generate electricity to balance the power demand; Then, when the electricity price is low, it means that the power demand is small and the capacity is relatively surplus.

On the one hand, energy storage technology can be used to store their own photovoltaic power.

The virtual power plant is expected to build a bridge between different building energy systems, and build a direct information channel between buildings and between buildings and power grid.

With the development of renewable energy technology, the energy system is becoming more and more diversified.

Solution in a regional or building energy system, if the main power supply is still obtained from the power grid, the real-time price in the power spot market can effectively reflect the power supply and demand.

How does the building act as a virtual power plant? Jeremy In his book the third industrial revolution, regiff once pointed out that the role of the construction industry in the third industrial revolution can not be ignored, and each building is a potential power plant.

Here we focus on the photovoltaic system used in buildings.

It is the bridge connecting various production equipment and energy consumption and storage equipment, and the hub controlling them.

Project case: background of ikwk innovative virtual power plant project in Germany with the increase of the price of electricity and heat in Germany, more and more large buildings will be equipped with small or micro Cogeneration in addition to roof photovoltaic; In addition, with the rise of German heating network 4.0, many buildings are also equipped with heat pumps as heating equipment.

At present, the actual situation is that the flexibility advantages of these two building capacity energy consumption equipment have not been fully utilized.

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When the energy load is high, it can be converted into electricity or other forms of energy; On the other hand, it can directly interact with other building subjects to provide energy, which can effectively improve the resource utilization of the system.


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