How do intermediate construction engineers query? Note: where is the Wuhan test for safety teachers?

Have you ever worked as a mechanical assistant engineer? What is the specific work? Can you give me some work experience? How to apply for Registered Electrical Engineer? Do you need to go back to your hometown to apply? No, if you meet the registration conditions, go to the personnel examination network of the province you want to apply for.

Generally, it takes only 6.

If the evaluation is primary and intermediate, it is a matter of time.

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The intermediate should work for four years, and then the unit will issue a certificate and go to the local Personnel Bureau for evaluation.

Where there is professional evaluation in Shanghai, the professional title of middle and senior engineer is divided into three levels.

The senior and junior middle school is assistant engineer, the intermediate is engineer, and the senior is senior engineer or planner.

He needs to be issued by the personnel department and pass the exam.

Do engineers majoring in landscape architecture in Chongqing have to pass the exam? Landscape Engineer is an intermediate technical title.


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