How difficult is it for high-rise buildings to escape from fire? We must grasp this “golden time”

However, the elevators usually used are stopped because they are not protected against fireworks and power failure.

At this time, it can be basically solved by quickly using a fire extinguisher or a large amount of water to extinguish the fire.

If the stairs are sealed by fireworks, the firefighters can’t rush up, and the fire fighting work is more difficult.

  Difficulties in high-rise fire escape 1.

These shafts generally run through several or the whole floor.

The higher the building, the greater the wind speed.

Combustible materials can also release a large amount of heat, combustible gas and toxic smoke in the combustion process, which is very dangerous.

What are the difficulties in fire escape of high-rise buildings? What’s your escape time when the fire comes? High rise building fire, how to escape? What fire-fighting equipment can you keep at home? Let’s see.

  In 1 minute and 13 seconds, the size of the flame exceeded 1 meter and began to produce a large amount of smoke.

2、 The fire spread in many ways and at a high speed.

However, if it is found that the fire extinguishing is ineffective or there are no fire extinguishing tools, evacuate quickly, call loudly and call the police.

The fire factors may be the aging of internal electrical appliances, or because external fireworks and firecrackers ignite flammable materials, and there are many fire factors.

High-rise buildings usually have complex internal structures and a wide range of equipment.

  After 54 seconds, the wood was gradually ignited by the fire, and the room temperature rose rapidly.

In addition, there are wind factors contributing to the rapid spread of high-rise building fires.

In case of fire, the smoke and fire spread rapidly to the vertical, which makes it difficult to evacuate safely.

If the stairwell can not effectively prevent the invasion of fireworks, the smoke will soon fill the stairwell, seriously hindering personnel evacuation.

  Flashover occurred in 2 minutes and 24 seconds.

Sources: national emergency broadcasting, China fire protection, Safety Science Island, Lishui fire protection, etc.

At this time, if the personnel have not been evacuated, they may not be able to escape, because the most terrible flashover will occur in the next few seconds.

High rise buildings have many floors and long vertical evacuation distance.

At this time, the fire was out of control.

In case of fire, we must grasp the “golden minute”! High rise building fire, how to escape? Fire fighting equipment can be kept at home   In the face of family fire, some fire-fighting equipment at home can help put out fire and escape in case of fire.

At this time, a large number of toxic gases such as carbon monoxide are produced in the air.

In addition, some high-rise buildings do not consider fire elevators.

Scaffolding Adjustable Base Jack

  In 1 minute and 35 seconds, the flame has reached the ceiling, and the room is filled with thick smoke.

Experiments show that it is relatively safe for people to escape quickly within one minute after the fire.

Many decorative materials and indoor furnishings are combustible materials, which can speed up the combustion speed.

The fire started on the 19th floor, with thick smoke and frightening fire.

This high-rise building fire has aroused widespread concern of the people.

People will lose their ability to move in a few minutes in this environment.

Several videos on the Internet show that the triumph international building looks like a “door”.

How long is the prime time for fire escape at the fire rescue site of Triumph International Building in Jinpu new area, Dalian? Many fires have a critical point called “flashover” from the beginning to serious out of control.

Public science popularization and science communication! Click the blue key above to pay attention to the fire in Triumph International Building, Jinpu new area, Dalian at about 16:00 on August 27.

The high-rise building is equipped with vertical pipe wells such as staircase, elevator shaft, pipe shaft, cable shaft, exhaust duct and garbage duct.

  The flame spread to the sofa in 38 seconds, and people can sense it through smell.

Flashover phenomenon refers to the phenomenon of sudden and complete combustion when the confined space reaches a certain temperature.

If the fire separation measures are not considered in the design or the fire separation measures are not handled well, in case of fire, they will be like towering chimneys and become a way for the rapid spread of fire.

After 7 hours of fire fighting, the open fire of Triumph International Building in Jinpu new area was put out, but fortunately there were no casualties.

It takes a long time to evacuate to a safe place.

The experiment tells you ↓↓   At the beginning of the 25 second fire, unless the fire alarm equipment is installed at home, it is generally difficult for people to perceive it, but this is often the best time to put out the fire.

In case of fire, personnel evacuation mainly depends on the evacuation stairs.

When fighting a fire, firefighters have to rush to the high-rise buildings “fully armed”, which not only consumes a lot of physical strength, but also “collides” with the people evacuated from top to bottom, delaying the fire fighters.

The fire factors are complex.

Even if the flame does not touch the object, it will burn.

On the other hand, the decoration standard of high-rise buildings is high.

3、 Safe evacuation is difficult.

4、 The fire fighting of high-rise buildings is mainly based on indoor fire water supply facilities.

  The fire is getting bigger and bigger in 1 minute and 58 seconds.

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