Heyuan demolished illegal houses, with a construction area of 1600 square meters

  In order to ensure the smooth implementation of the special rectification action, on September 22, linzhai town held a work deployment meeting for the special rectification action on illegal land use, which made detailed arrangements for the relevant matters of the action to ensure that the responsibilities were implemented to each post, person and point.

Before the implementation of site demolition, the staff communicated and educated the parties who built houses and graves in violation of regulations, explained the interests of occupying basic farmland to the illegal parties in accordance with the relevant provisions of the land administration law of the people’s Republic of China, and actively publicized the national laws and policies on Basic farmland protection.

After investigation, the above three illegal land use violations violated the provisions of the land administration law of the people’s Republic of China on “prohibiting the occupation of cultivated land to build kilns and graves, or building houses, digging sand, quarrying, mining and soil borrowing on cultivated land without authorization”.

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Source: Heping County Financial Media Center (please contact us if there is any infringement)..

  On September 23, law enforcement officers carried out special rectification according to law on the illegal land use of two permanent basic farmland buildings in Xingjing village and one permanent basic farmland grave in Shizhen village.

Linzhai town said that next, it will further strictly investigate and control, fight early and small, resolutely curb the illegal occupation of basic farmland with a “zero tolerance” attitude, resolutely hold the red line of cultivated land protection, promote food security and help the construction of ecological civilization.

Illegal buildings were demolished according to law under the supervision of law enforcement personnel, which ensured that basic farmland was not occupied, effectively deterred the construction of illegal buildings, and effectively improved the living environment under the jurisdiction.

Please click the blue word above to join the Zijin villagers group!   In order to thoroughly implement general secretary Xi Jinping’s important exposition on farmland protection and implement the strictest farmland protection system, the relevant departments of the natural resources bureau, the County Public Security Bureau, the County Civil Affairs Bureau and the county law enforcement brigade of Lin Zhai town have carried out special rectification of three illegal land use behaviors in Xingjing village and Shi Zhen village.

  It is reported that the special rectification action demolished 1600 square meters of illegal houses and 1553.3 square meters of illegal graves.


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