Henan Zhongxu Geotechnical Engineering Design Co., Ltd. is looking for: Construction Engineering, other related positions

was established in January 2019.

The personnel operate the experimental equipment and have the ability to issue data quickly.

The company’s business performance has been rising steadily, the industry reputation is getting better and better, and the internal management is constantly standardized.

Erection Anchor One Sided

After more than two years of careful operation, the company has developed steadily and gained a firm foothold in Zhengzhou and Xinxiang area with its own accumulated reputation and excellent technical force.

We hope to seize the opportunity and sign up enthusiastically.

The company has more than 40 employees; The field work department is responsible for following the field turnaround in each project to ensure the safe, accurate and timely delivery of geological survey data and sampling.

The head office is located in room 3a03, block C, Jufang science and Technology Park, Zhengzhou.

The company has a group of professional survey and design technicians with excellent technology.

The company will vigorously cultivate survey and design professionals.

Its predecessor is Henan qingjuhong Geotechnical Engineering Design Co., Ltd.

Under the leadership of the general manager of the company and through the careful efforts of all staff, the company has rapidly grown into a survey and design company with more customer resources, strong market reputation and good performance.

The laboratory has the most advanced data testing instruments, and has the experimental professional qualification certificate issued by the state.

At present, Henan Zhongxu Geotechnical Engineering Co., Ltd.

I believe we can better serve our partners.

engaged in survey and design, pile foundation testing and other businesses.

The national geotechnical registrar has served as the project leader for a long time, specially responsible for reviewing the quality of the report, and carefully and responsibly control each pass with the attitude of being responsible for each survey result report.

The company has rapidly become an influential survey enterprise in Zhengzhou and Xinxiang.

has reached a long-term cooperation consensus with a number of government units, public institutions and private development companies.

At present, the company has 2 experienced national geotechnical registrants and 5 senior engineers; More than 80% of the company’s staff have received higher education of Bachelor degree or above.

The branch is located on the second floor of Lvke co creation center, high tech Zone, Xinxiang City, with more than 1000 square meters of office space, gathering survey and design department, field department, experiment department, reference room, accounting room and driver’s shift.

It is an Architectural Survey and design company registered with Zhengzhou Administration for Industry and commerce.

The company successfully passes the annual inspection and audit of industrial and commercial, tax and other units every year, and the company has no bad business record.

The senior engineer is responsible for writing the survey report of each project and supervising the accuracy and reliability of each experimental data.

Since its establishment, the company has been committed to becoming a pioneer in the survey industry.

The company has a spacious, bright and fully functional office space, an elegant and modern office environment and advanced digital electronic experimental equipment.

Contact information contact address:   Contact person on the second floor of Xinxiang Lvke co creation center:   189375120 Tel:   0373-6397079   Telepresence:   0373 email:  @  Postal Code:   570000 employees:   Less than 50 persons date of establishment:   2018 company nature:   Registered capital of private enterprises:   RMB 5 million company homepage:   No construction work, other related positions, work location:   Gender requirements of Xinxiang City:   Male work experience:   Age requirements for fresh graduates:   Unlimited to unlimited years educational requirements:   Unlimited monthly salary commitment:   2000 yuan part-time or not:   Full time release date:   2021 / 7 / 99:54:00 recruits:   3 effective time:   Specific requirements for 30 days: the company is a geotechnical engineering design Co., Ltd.

After more than two years of efforts, the company has completed the construction of professionals with all-round field exploration, geotechnical experiment and writing survey report, and successfully formed a highly effective team.

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Henan Zhongxu Geotechnical Engineering Design Co., Ltd.


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