[activity style] the seventh “elite Cup” debate competition held by the Department of construction economics and management is about to


03 scoring standard (35 points): be able to quickly grasp the other party’s views and loopholes, refute the theory skillfully, hit the point, clearly explain our arguments and views, and be outstanding.

Points to be deducted: the content of the question has nothing to do with the debate, the content of the speech is unhealthy or personal attack.

Before the self-study on the evening of October 13, the list of the class shall be determined and sent to the Department’s office email, email: jzjjglx2021@163.com 。 There are 4 formal debaters and 2 alternate debaters in each class.

Additional points for comprehensive evaluation (aesthetic cultivation test score, 3, 2 and 1 points for the first, second and third prizes respectively) this is an auditory feast; This is a carnival of thought; There is an exciting contest here, there is a friendship between strangers, there is a spark of wisdom here, and there is a movement of ice and fire playing here.

Registration and preparation stage: Notice will be issued to each class on October 12.

(20 points) (III) refutation ability.

Venue: the third floor of the second education South Hall scoring standard 01 scoring standard (15 points): clear arguments, sufficient arguments, appropriate citations and thorough analysis.

Competition form: determine the opponent and debate by drawing lots before the competition.

(the specific schedule may be adjusted according to the schedule) 3.

05A scoring standard (10 points): four debaters, with tacit understanding and unified views.

Number requirements: the number of participants in each team is 4, both men and women.

Clear and fluent language expression; Clear hierarchy and strict logic.


(10 points) (V) on the spot reaction.


(30 points) (II) logical thinking.


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(the draw is one-on-one, and the classes with empty lots will compete with the ones with high eliminated components in the preliminary contest) 2.

B personal scoring rules best debater (I) language expression.

The competition time is planned to hold the preliminary debate competition from October 19 to October 26, and the second round will be held after the trial.

(15 points)   The final judges are the leaders of the Department of construction economics and management, the representative of the head teacher and the professional instructor of the debate competition.

The trial stage: the preliminary contest of debate contest will be held from October 19 to October 26 (time), and the second round will be held after the trial.

(the specific schedule may be adjusted according to the schedule) competition requirements 1.

(15 points)               (4) Overall consciousness.

The competition has one first prize, one second prize, one third prize and two best debaters.

Solid Lifting Socket

04 scoring standard (15 points): clear and fluent language expression; Clear hierarchy and strict logic; Question the other party’s views, strengthen our own views and echo them from beginning to end.


Clothing: the clothing shall be uniform, neat, beautiful and generous.

Final stage: the final time will be notified separately.

On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, in order to carry forward the strong cultural atmosphere of the College of urban construction and strengthen the construction of campus culture, the 2021 freshmen debate competition of the Department of construction economics and management is organized to meet friends through debate and promote learning through debate, fully display the style of teachers and students of the college, cultivate the spirit of unity and cooperation, exercise the language communication ability, and promote the formation of a good style of study and school spirit.

02 scoring standard (25 points): the questions are concise and hit the point; Answer accurately and handle problems skillfully; The expression is clear and the argument is reasonable and powerful.

Number of teams: one representative team per class.

                          Points to be deducted: (1) the questions that the other party has clearly answered are still tangled;   (2) Unhealthy speech or personal attack; (3) The debate has nothing to do with the topic; (4) After one party has finished speaking, the other party pauses too long and does not stand up to speak.

At noon on October 14, the heads of each class drew lots at the community department on the fifth floor of 2 Jiaonan.


Points to be deducted: both sides of the debate shall summarize their statements according to the overall situation of the debate competition, and deduct points appropriately if they are divorced from the actual recitation.

Competition arrangement 1.

(10 points) (6) comprehensive impression.


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