Heavy! 40 + Architecture won the prize in China! For what? Because of the initiative [p ǔ shì] !

Expert comments – Carlos: This is a very interesting and intelligent solution.

Comments from the judges are attached ~ ▲ the judging experts say that the 2021 activehouse award China competition is hosted by activehouse international alliance.

The evaluation committee, led by industry masters, composed of leaders of the national society and well-known experts and scholars in the industry, jointly selected the excellent works of this competition.

engineering design team: Beijing Tsinghua Tongheng planning and Design Institute Co., Ltd.

Importantly, these methods are naturally and invisibly integrated into function, space, environmental design and atmosphere The creation of experience and character is a positive and mature design.

The chimney effect achieved allows the need to use space cooling to be reduced and addressed through mechanical solutions.

This project allows us to see that the current sustainable architecture in China has a new path outside the technology stack.

The contestants respond to “activehouse” through their works Carry out multi-dimensional interpretation, highlight that buildings should focus on the interests of users, and create a balanced model of health and comfort, energy conservation and environmental protection.

In addition to setting up high-tech such as intelligent energy management platform and intelligent lighting control platform, it is even more difficult to apply the outdoor eaves gallery and courtyard techniques of Chinese traditional gardens to the space composition to form the maximum natural lighting and natural ventilation effect.

In particular, it is rare to create a natural, vivid, interesting, hierarchical and encouraging place for students’ participation in a small site.

The use of exposed bricks as a facade solution is also the same.

The works received are colorful.

Contribution: activehouse (ID: activehouse) this article has been authorized.

First prize ▎ Theme Pavilion of green smart building demonstration center in Gaobeidian train new town project address: Gaobeidian City, Hebei architectural design team: simple architecture studio of Tsinghua University architectural design and Research Institute Co., Ltd.

2 Yuanmingyuan West Road, Haidian District, Beijing – West Campus of China Agricultural University Design Organization: China architectural standards design and Research Institute Co., Ltd., Zizi design team: Lin Lin Lin, Watanabe Hexing, Gong Jian, Yang Yongkuan, Tanigawa Shenming, di Ming, Lu Dewei, Zhao Zemin, Tu Xin, Li Xiaolin, Zheng Chao Expert comments of Aoye Yaoliang, Xing Wanli, Ding Jingzhen, Wang Yan, Yang Baohui, Wei Junfeng, Huang Lingjie, Zhao Xing, Liu Hewei and Wu Yuntao – Ye Qing: the indoor and outdoor layout of the project is ingenious, combining sports venues, art activity rooms and roof platform agricultural planting.

First prize first prize ▎ xiong’an design center project address: xiong’an New District, Hebei Province Design Organization: China Architectural Design and Research Institute Co., Ltd.

Under the condition of limited cost, it creatively uses the vocabulary of shape, skin and detail design to create a healthy and comfortable built environment, which perfectly conforms to the core concept of universal, simple and universal of active architecture.

project architects: Song Yehao, sun Jingfen, Xie Dan, Chu Yingnan, Chen Xiaojuan Expert comments by Han Dongchen and Lin Zhenghao – Zhang Pengju: the project design uses active design thinking to mobilize passive green design means, such as the conversion of sunlight in winter and summer, the utilization of thermal inertia of soil slope, the ventilation guidance of inner courtyard and the exertion of thermal pressure ventilation effect.

design team: Cui Kai, Liu Heng, Ni Dou, Xu Feng, Zhang Wei, Zhang Weirui, Yang Ming, Han Ling, Qi Runtian, Hong Wei, Gong Xiaoliang, Yun Dongling, Yin Ying, Xu Hanhan, Yang Liji, Huang Jianzhao Wang Xin expert comments – Feng Zhenggong: the project follows the “micro intrusive” transformation strategy, retains 100% of the original building main body and 85% of the original facade, prolongs the structural life of “Aosen garment factory” and injects new vitality into its space.

The 2021 activehouse award China competition is a collection of award-winning works.

The integration of active and passive technologies is good, making full use of natural lighting and ventilation to achieve the goal of green building.

Second prize second prize ▎ Guangzhou Paper coal bunker industrial heritage sustainable reconstruction project address: Guangzhou Provincial Design Organization: Guangzhou Urban Construction Design Co., Ltd., design team of South China University of Technology: Liao Jiasheng, Lin Zhenghao, Dong Yiqi, Wen Zhenyi, Duan Shuxuan expert comments – Zhong Jishou: This is a waterfront coal bunker industrial heritage reconstruction and utilization project..

Champion Yueyang No.

3 middle school combines the vertical height difference of the site, conforms to the terrain, and organically combines the high and low space through ingenious design.

Foot Mounted Anchor

First prize ▎ sports and Art Center of China Agricultural University project address: No.

On the other hand, they consider building energy conservation from the behavior and habits of users × The 6m module unit realizes the free switching of conference, office, display, reception and other functions.

The clay used to produce bricks can reduce the internal heat due to its isolation characteristics, and become an interesting way for young residents to participate in the use of buildings.

It uses a variety of solutions to improve the sustainability of the building and its subsequent use.

Under the guidance of the overall sustainability concept, we carry out architectural creation and attempt in combination with the local actual conditions, which is also an introspective answer to the current era of rapid technological progress.

3 middle school storm playground and lecture hall project address: Yueyang County, Yueyang City, Hunan Province Design Organization: plain studio of architectural design and Research Institute of Tsinghua University architectural design team: Song Yehao, Chen Xiaojuan, Xie Dan, sun Jingfen, Bai Su Ritu, Chu Yingnan, Han Dongchen, Yu Haowei structure and equipment electromechanical team: Chen Nan, Fei Hongfeng, Tan Xin photography and video: expert comments on the summer solstice – GUI Xuewen: the storm playground and lecture hall of Yueyang No.

The air is renewed through its own physical movement, which helps to reduce the energy cost of the education complex.


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