Hainan: by 2030, prefabricated buildings will account for more than 95% and prefabricated steel structures will account for 30%

Fuzhou, Fujian Province: our city actively promotes prefabricated steel structures and carries out pilot work.

In addition, Hainan Provincial Department of housing and urban rural development has made it clear that various large-scale public buildings and service supporting facilities, such as transportation hubs and businesses, will be constructed in a large-scale way by means of prefabricated buildings.

15 departments including the Ministry of housing and urban rural development: develop new construction methods such as prefabricated steel structures, The Ministry of housing and urban rural development and other 15 departments jointly issued a document on the opinions on strengthening the green and low-carbon construction of the county seat.

By 2030, there will be 20 provincial prefabricated construction industrial bases.

Xi’an announced that: for the new civil buildings in the main urban area, if the prefabricated construction technology should be adopted, the prefabricated construction method should be adopted to build the steel structure buildings of new school buildings in Zaozhuang City, Shandong Province, 6.

The Department of housing and urban rural development of Hainan Province has proposed that by 2025 and 2030, the added value of the prefabricated construction industry in the province will reach 30billion yuan and 50billion yuan respectively.

At the same time, residential construction projects will gradually adopt the prefabricated building construction method.

Xiong’an issued a document: vigorously develop steel structure buildings, give priority to the use of steel structures in public buildings, and the guiding opinions on the high-quality development of green buildings in xiong’an new area were printed and issued.

The State Council issued a document: vigorously develop prefabricated buildings, and focus on promoting the construction of steel structure prefabricated housing.

Shaoxing Municipal government accelerates the industrialization of green buildings and new buildings.

Official website link: http://zjt.hainan.gov.cn/szjt/0404/202206/c932554a1a734b039fdf751b99f048a3.shtml2021 Summary of fabricated steel structure policies in various regions since: Shandong: in principle, steel structure is adopted for new public buildings, and Shandong Provincial Department of housing and urban rural development issued a notice for soliciting opinions; In the history, Guizhou has the largest policy support for the construction steel structure industry: the prefabricated steel structure will be promoted to build rural houses, and the prefabricated steel structure is the “modernization of rural houses”? Shaoxing, Zhejiang: the maximum subsidy for prefabricated steel structure farmhouses is 500 yuan / ㎡, which is rare.

Chengdu housing and Urban Rural Development Bureau: prefabricated buildings will account for 80% of new buildings in 2025.

The Department of housing and urban rural development of Hunan Province issued a document: further strengthen the pilot work of steel structure prefabricated housing construction.

In order to solve the pain points and difficulties caused by the complex climate characteristics and the seismic requirements of some high-intensity regions, Hainan Provincial Department of housing and urban rural development proposed to take tropical buildings as the development characteristics and form a characteristic systematic technical product system.

Zhejiang Province: by 2025, the proportion of steel structures in prefabricated buildings should reach more than 40%.

The “fourteenth five year plan” of Henan Province: define the three national departments to achieve 100% green building and 40% prefabricated building in 2025: carry out the pilot of steel structure housing and rural housing construction, Optimize the steel structure building standard system Baoding City: all government investment projects adopt prefabricated buildings, giving priority to the use of steel structure prefabricated buildings Jinan City: by 2025, 50% of new buildings will adopt prefabricated buildings, and all public buildings will adopt steel structure prefabricated buildings Ganzhou City: by 2025, 50% of new prefabricated buildings will be built, and the prefabricated steel structure housing system will be vigorously developed..

Xi’an will usher in the explosive growth of prefabricated buildings from now on.

At the same time, promote the application of information technology such as Internet of things and big data in the field of prefabricated buildings; Vigorously develop intelligent manufacturing, promote the construction of digital workshops, smart factories and smart parks, and carry out intelligent manufacturing pilot demonstration.

Lifting Anchor

In accordance with the principle of “innovation driven and wisdom led”, accelerate the innovation of science, technology and management mode of prefabricated building industry, promote the application of intelligent technology in the whole process of the implementation of prefabricated buildings, and establish Hainan prefabricated building project information management platform and component data base.

Click the blue word above to follow us! Recently, the Department of housing and urban rural development of Hainan Province issued the development plan for prefabricated building industry in Hainan Province (2022~2030), which made it clear that by 2030, the prefabricated building area in the province will account for more than 95% of the new building area, and the prefabricated steel structure building area in the prefabricated buildings will account for 30%.

The Department issued a document to promote the implementation plan.

Guangxi subsidized 800 yuan /m for prefabricated rural houses ², Guangxi solicits the list of prefabricated rural housing demonstration villages and towns.

Shaanxi, Zhengzhou and Lu’an, Anhui: Shaanxi and Zhengzhou issue documents to promote the development of prefabricated buildings; Two projects in Lu’an, Anhui Province have been rewarded with 10.32 million yuan of prefabricated buildings.

The construction of the new construction Industrial Park of golden harbor has begun to take shape, initially forming a whole industry chain covering the R & D and design of prefabricated buildings, the production of components and parts, intelligent construction and construction installation, and constantly promoting the transformation and upgrading of the traditional construction industry to a modern industry with advanced technology and a green industry with energy conservation and emission reduction.

Yunnan Province: new public buildings give priority to the use of steel structures and steadily increase the scale of prefabricated steel structures.


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