Grassroots micro sketch ① | I am an architectural designer and also a mother

During the design process, they will highlight more humanized features and pay more attention to the living habits of residents.

And this is particularly prominent in the Changzhen project

If one day humans could go to the moon to build houses, and as an architectural designer, I could also participate and contribute to it, which would be a very interesting thing.” Liao Minqing, who was a child, had the dream of becoming an architectural designer, After growing up, she joined China Construction Technology and embarked on the path of pursuing her dreams.

In the first episode of the column, we will meet as architectural designers, Liao Minqing, Deputy General Manager of the Design Center of a company that is also a good mother, and Project Design Director of Shenzhen.

Female characteristics make architecture more humane.

Female designers will be more delicate and hope to bring their designs closer to life.

Small and tall buildings are thin and small, with a sweet smile, which is Liao Minqing’s first impression.

Watching the engineering projects in his hands gradually become reality from drawings, Liao Minqing stated that the sense of gain and achievement brought by this job cannot be replaced.

2023 is the beginning year of comprehensive learning, promotion, and implementation of the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, as well as a connecting year for the implementation of the company’s 14th Five Year Plan.

Grassroots micro sketches focus on grassroots figures and tell frontline stories.

Through the design of high assembly rate, the impression of low quality public housing in the past has been changed, providing nearly 10000 high-quality housing units for talents who come to Shenzhen for employment, allowing them to live and work in Shenzhen in peace and contentment.

Rebar Cap

We will portray the vivid characters around us and use our role models to assist in the development of “technology”.

It’s hard to imagine that this “skinny” woman would be the design director of the largest prefabricated public housing project in China – the Shenzhen Changzhen Public Housing Project.

02:24 “When I was a child, I had this dream.

To showcase the company’s employee style and gather consensus on development, we will launch the “Grassroots Micro Sketches” column from now on.

In the construction industry, there are more male designers than women.

24 100 meter tall buildings, 1.16 million square meters of construction area, and nearly 10000 public housing units, all designed by Liao Minqing and her team.

So, what are the advantages of female designers compared to male designers? Liao Minqing believes that the design perspective of female designers is complementary to that of male designers.

Although Liao Minqing is not tall, the residential building she designed does have great energy.

Among these 24 residential buildings, the assembly rate of 150 meter residential buildings is about 58%, that of 100 meter residential buildings is about 73%, and that of 100 meter steel concrete structure residential buildings is as high as 93%.


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