Good news | the Department of architecture of our university has achieved good results in the collection and performance of art works in

It looks simple and ragged.

The calligraphy group won one “third prize”.

Fixing Socket Cross Pin

Although this humble equipment and dry food bag are insignificant, they are the source of soldiers’ life and the symbol of our hard years.

Good news according to the announcement notice of the Guangdong Provincial Department of education on the list of awards for the collection and performance of artistic works in Colleges and universities across the province in 2021, the works of three students from the Department of architecture of Guangdong Xin’an vocational and technical college stood out in this exhibition and performance activity, and won one “first prize” and one “second prize” in the painting group respectively.

At the same time, it also reflected that the Department of architecture implemented the fundamental task of Building Morality and cultivating people, integrated aesthetic education into the process of education and teaching, educated people with aesthetics and culture, Guide teachers and students to actively innovate and create all kinds of cultural and artistic works while inheriting excellent traditional culture, forming a strong cultural and artistic atmosphere.

This military coat tells us not to forget the past, not to forget the bullying we suffered because of poverty and weakness, not to forget the bitter blood of generations of predecessors.

Congratulations to these award-winning students and instructors! Let’s take you to appreciate the style of these works! First prize painting: “marching memory” Author: Huang Zhihao Instructor: Yang Xiaoyu, Ren Chaoyu Description: bugle: whether in the Red Army’s Long March or the war of resistance against Japan, the bugle led the soldiers to launch charge after charge, which represents the spirit of fearing sacrifice, charge and sword.

Second prize painting: military coat Author: Chen Dongyong Instructor: Yang Xiaoyu, Ren Chaoyu Description: This is a military coat that has been dusty in the museum for more than half a century.

The cotton wool lining is stitched up and covered with patches.

Calligraphy works of the third prize: do not forget the original heart and remember the mission Author: Zheng Haoming Instructor: Ren Chaoyu and Yang Xiaoyu work description: “do not forget the original heart and remember the mission” is an important magic weapon for the party to remain young forever.

Marching pot: it is one of the necessary items for every soldier on the military road.

Horse Lantern: the horse lantern symbolizes light and hope, engraves the deep love between the Red Army and the masses, and lights up the people’s belief that the revolution will win.

The student works of the Department won a good prize in the competition, which fully demonstrated the Department’s teaching characteristics of attaching importance to practical teaching and results oriented in the process of curriculum ideological and political teaching reform.

Editor: Lu Chao data: Yang Xiaoyu reviewed by: Director Chen Bin..

As a student, we should learn with our faith in the party, with our initial thoughts, feelings and self-confidence, so that we can think, understand and gain from learning.

We should carry forward the indomitable spirit of our predecessors and build a stronger motherland in the future.


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