From silk to architecture, how does YAYING explore the aesthetic balance in life?

Fashion is the main way for YAYING to convey life aesthetics, but it has never been the only way to explore life aesthetics.

As the core expression of the concept, the architect refined the ingenuity technology spread in the process of YAYING’s clothing production.

In YAYING Fashion Art Center, there is a beauty Museum about YAYING’s path to beauty.

Epyaying YAYING is a fashion women’s brand founded by YAYING group in 1988.

The YAYING academy, located on the 2nd and 3rd floors, is an excellent learning space created by YAYING for reading lovers.

The organic restaurant YAYING also introduces the concept of sustainable and organic diet into the space to provide more healthy diet schemes in the form of “organic restaurant”.

Endow life with a poetic flavor with the interactive details created by architectural design.

Architecture is also regarded as a sculpture here, engraved in the form of art and injected into the soul of elegant innovation.

Every detail in the construction of “clothing” is extremely carved, just like YAYING’s emotion for each clothing when facing every female customer.

In Zhang Yonghe’s opinion, “use” and “function” are too mechanical.

As the office headquarters of YAYING group, YAYING Fashion Art Center is also constantly exploring to create a high-quality office environment for employees, and stimulate the birth of more beautiful designs by creating a green garden style creative office space.

There is also a special show hall here.

Starting from silk clothing, the brand has been exploring how to create a high-quality and high-grade elegant and beautiful life for women.

When the needle and thread are used, it can connect the details of space to life.

The curved roof of the main building stretches gracefully on the earth, just like a piece of light silk sliding through the palm of the hand.

Different reading preferences can be met here, from fashion design, art appreciation to classic books to spread Chinese traditional culture.

Beautiful things need to be nourished by a beautiful environment, so does creation.

In Hegel’s works, clothing is like a “mobile building”, while YAYING Fashion Art Center, which was completed at the end of 2020, integrates the mobility of clothing into the building.

Therefore, when building buildings, he hopes to add a sense of life to the space: the undulating sense of mobility of the courtyard, the indoor space with fuzzy boundaries The moving line of interaction between architecture and landscape, and even the Jiangnan flavor caused by drizzle along the eaves in the rainy season…

There are many kinds of aesthetic experience of YAYING Academy.

American Library 1L records the development process of the enterprise.

In fact, the architectural form of YAYING Fashion Art Center is also an important means for YAYING to express life rituals.

The Museum of beauty 2-3l presents YAYING’s classic fashion and Gaoding series for more than 30 years to the public with modern expression techniques combined with the artistic conception of Jiangnan gardens.

Here, almost the most basic “clothing, food, housing and transportation” in your life are taken into account, whether it is a facility for users or an experience area open to the public, By creating a multicultural and artistic atmosphere, YAYING provides a platform for everyone in the space to share and exchange life aesthetics.

The newly completed YAYING Fashion Art Center is no longer just about the beauty of architecture, but penetrates everywhere in life, taking fashion as an introduction to explore the beauty and balance in life.

In addition to the function of the group’s office headquarters, YAYING Fashion Art Center is also like a comprehensive space gathering communities and neighborhoods.

Lifting Foot Anchor

From the use of materials to the construction of base, structure and space, it is based on the original intention of YAYING’s brand – “good materials, good clothes”, whether it is the clear water concrete wood grain that takes 7 months to sample, or the brick roof that is laid layer by layer, Or the environmental protection double-layer curtain wall deep into the building skeleton and the use of highly renewable magnetized bamboo materials…

“I hope to use building materials to make a dress for YAYING”.

Fashion and architecture, one is the individual micro vocabulary, the other is the macro summary of group images.

Future brand fashion press conferences, characteristic art exhibitions and salon activities will be held here to let more creative inspiration flow here.

Starting from clothes and for clothes, Zhang Yonghe regards YAYING Fashion Art Center as an external dress for YAYING.

Chinese fashion brand EP YAYING YAYING cooperates with architect Zhang Yonghe to finely polish a building with Jiangnan courtyard as the layout, hoping to connect all aspects of life aesthetics with a kind of elegant and poetic language.

Hundreds of precious objects, documents, photos, video materials and nearly 200 classic clothes left in the brand development process tell visitors about the brand’s journey of creating Chinese beauty and female beauty over the past 30 years.

In YAYING Fashion Art Center, tea, as an important element to taste the beauty of Chinese traditional culture, has also been used throughout..

Just like the establishment of “Xiaoya children’s home”, it is not only a fashion and accessories exhibition hall for children, but also a series of rich and interesting early childhood courses are set in the space to provide more educational and fun life inspiration for children and parents entering the space through creative interactive experience.

In the more than 30 years of history of YAYING, the strong imprint of Chinese culture has never been separated.

Although taking the Jiangnan courtyard system as the meaning, YAYING Fashion Art Center reveals everywhere the “innovation” and “breaking” of a contemporary building when pointing to the future: at the entrance, you can see the 15.4m high concrete cantilever structure fixed in the air, which looks as delicate as silk, but challenges the limit of construction difficulty many times in the construction process; In order to get closer to the feeling of slim and light clothing, architects boldly use flat column wall to replace the traditional generous column structure, and create a more positive transition space connecting indoor and outdoor for users and visitors…


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