General description of structure and general description of building? The building area of structural curtain wall shall be calculated?

Construction supervision engineer.

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What responsibilities should the supervision engineer and the chief supervision engineer be responsible for the project losses caused by their failure to enter the site Hello: responsibilities of the construction supervision engineer: 1.

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As long as there are papers or patents, you should also take the computer test, not necessarily.

Engineers will not be qualified for the examination until five years later.

As long as you have worked for four years after obtaining your bachelor’s degree (as can be seen from your bachelor’s certificate), as long as your company stamps a seal for review.

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Master, not really.

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68), registered safety engineers have been listed in the catalogue of national vocational qualifications.

Registered safety engineer registration and continuing education since 2.

Can I take another test first and then take the foreign language test in a few years? Your current qualification can only be tested as an assistant engineer.

Just take the computer test.

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When you apply for the examination, you have an application form to fill in.

According to the notice of the Ministry of human resources and social security on publishing the catalogue of national vocational qualifications (hrsbf [2017] No.

If you want to work in a power plant of a private enterprise, you can be a registered electrical engineer.

Steel Chamfer

What are the conditions for mechanical engineer examination??? I don’t know mechanical foreign language at all.


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