Foundation reinforcement case πž“œ the project of a fiber product factory in Chashan of Mahayana construction was successfully completed!

Through continuous exploration and accumulation in the industry, it provides professional and high-quality construction services for industrial plants, network data centers, incubation industrial parks, schools, medical treatment, commercial complexes, upgrading and reconstruction of farmers’ markets and other fields, Strive to build a first-class construction enterprise with provincial competitiveness…

In order to ensure the subsequent safe use of the building, the foundation bearing platform is used to increase the section and anchor static pressure pile is used for reinforcement; The stairs that affect the reinforcement construction are demolished and reconstructed.

Adhering to the spirit of “professionalism, integrity, cooperation and sharing”, Mahayana construction has been advancing together with urban and rural construction in Guangdong.

Through professional technical force, fundamentally solve the problem of building subsidence and inclination, and give customers a satisfactory answer.

In order to ensure the delivery of the project with quality and quantity on schedule, the company establishes the on-site project department to provide strong management guarantee for the safety, quality, progress and civilized construction on the construction site.

Climbing Cone

According to the conclusion of the house safety appraisal report, the foundation of the house has uneven settlement and inclination.

[project overview] Β  The project is located in Chashan Town, Dongguan City.

On the premise of ensuring safety, while implementing the standardization of construction quality, it effectively improves the construction efficiency of the project.

The project reinforcement construction process shows the actual construction situation on site.

The reinforcement method can effectively stop the inclination of the building.


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