Fill in the concealed acceptance of building roof works, as well as the contents of material mobilization inspection, division of parts and

(5) The paving of sintered tile and concrete tile shall be flat and firm, the lines shall be neat, the overlap shall be tight, and the cornice shall be straight; The ridge tiles shall be covered correctly, the spacing shall be uniform, and the sealing shall be tight; 9.

The construction unit shall obtain the qualification certificate of corresponding grade of building waterproof and thermal insulation works; Operators shall work with certificates (the qualification of the construction unit shall meet the requirements, which belongs to one of professional subcontracting, and attention shall be paid to when collecting qualification and applying for inspection of subcontractors).

It shall be carried out after rain or after continuous watering for 2 hours.

After the completion of the roof waterproof project, the visual quality inspection, rainwater or water pouring and water storage test shall be carried out, and there shall be no leakage and ponding.

The waterproof and thermal insulation materials used in roof engineering shall have product certificate and performance test report.


You can look through it and trust me if you don’t understand it.) 5.

Check whether there is leakage on the roof, whether the ponding and drainage system are unobstructed.


The appearance quality inspection of roof engineering shall meet the following requirements: (the following contents can be used as the contents of concealed acceptance) (1) the paving direction of coiled material shall be correct, the lap joint shall be bonded or welded firmly, the lap width shall meet the design requirements, and the surface shall be flat without distortion, fold, edge warping and other defects; (2) The coating waterproof layer shall be firmly bonded, the surface shall be flat, the painting shall be uniform, and there shall be no defects such as smoothness, blistering and exposed carcass.

The construction unit needs to master the detailed structure and relevant technical requirements in the construction drawings, and needs to prepare a special construction scheme for roof engineering, which shall be implemented after being reviewed and confirmed by the supervision unit or the owner.

The product quality shall be tested by the quality testing unit whose qualification is recognized by the competent construction administrative department at or above the provincial level and whose measurement certification is carried out by the quality supervision department.

Roof acceptance: (1) the quality of inspection lots, subdivisional and divisional works has been accepted; (2) Quality control data are complete; 7.

The variety, specification and performance of the materials must meet the current national product standards and design requirements.


The water storage time shall not be less than 2 hours, and the water storage test record shall be filled in…

The watering test record shall be filled in.

The building roof works shall be fortified according to different roof waterproof grades according to the nature, importance and use function requirements of the building (the fortification grades will be given in the design drawings, which can be viewed in the architectural drawings).

Acceptance of concealed works shall be conducted for the following parts of roof works: (1) base course of coiled material and coated waterproof layer; (2) Steam barrier and exhaust measures of insulation layer; (3) Laying method and thickness of thermal insulation layer, filling quality of plate gap and thermal insulation measures for thermal bridge parts; (4) Sealing treatment of joints; (5) Fixing measures for tiles and base course; (concealed acceptance is required for tile hanging or other fixing measures) (6) detailed practices of eaves gutter, gutter, flashing, water drop and deformation joint (the detailed structure needs to be concealed, and eaves gutter and gutter need to be noted are two positions and terms) (7) additional layers at the parts where the roof should be cracked and water seepage; (8) The isolation layer between the protective layer and the coiled material and the film waterproof layer; (9) Fixing of metal plate and base course and sealing treatment between plate joints; (roof of steel structure engineering) 8.

(the article on the retest of materials has been mentioned earlier.

(4) cornice, cornice ditch, gutter, parapet, gable, water drop Waterproof structures such as deformation joints and pipes extending out of the roof shall meet the design requirements.

The acceptance and gutter with water storage conditions shall be subject to water storage test.

(it should be noted that if rainwater test is required in rainy season, this item is easy to be omitted, and the specific table is in the data software) 6.

Waved Anchor

(3) the embedded sealing material shall be firmly bonded to the joint measurement, the surface shall be smooth, the joint edge shall be straight, and there shall be no defects such as bubbles, cracking and peeling.



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