[announcement] announcement on auction of operation right of construction waste receiving site

An auction is hereby held at the bid opening room on the third floor of the administrative service center of Pingnan County at 10 a.m.

The operator shall be responsible for the temporary land application and approval, construction, landfill operation, road maintenance, slope care, site closure and greening, operation and management, etc.

All bidders who accept the maximum price can apply to continue to participate in lottery and determine the final winner as the operator.

time of submission of bidding materials: interested bidders should contact our company from December 4, 2021 to 17:00 on December 23, 2021, and submit supporting infrastructure construction, operation management, emergency response plan, site closure greening plan, water and soil conservation, slope protection and other plans and relevant bidding materials (overdue submission will not be accepted) V.

After passing the examination, the client shall notify the bidder to pay the bidding deposit.

The specific announcements are as follows: 1.

With “construction waste treatment” IV.

187, Cuiping South Road, Gufeng Town, Pingnan County Tel.: 0593-2566666     Contact: Mr.

Auction method: the operation right of the recipient site is auctioned in the way of “price limit + lottery”: that is, the maximum price is set at 1 yuan / m ³, If the bidder’s quotation is lower than the ceiling price, the bidder (operator) shall be determined according to the principle of the higher price When the offer reaches the maximum price, no higher offer will be accepted, and other bidders are willing to accept the maximum price, the bidding method will be changed to public lottery to determine the operator.

confirmation time of bidding qualification: the bidder who has passed the examination of bidding materials shall pay the bidding deposit before 17:00 on December 30, 2021 After receiving the bidding deposit, a confirmation of bidding qualification shall be issued to confirm the bidding qualification after verifying that the deposit has arrived.


Lifting Loop

The auction targets are: 1.

object 1 in Pingnan East District and object 2 in Pingnan West District) (in addition to the recommended 16 receiving sites, the operator can also propose sites that meet the requirements of relevant departments) , the upper limit of the receiving capacity of the site is determined according to the estimated stacking capacity in the feasibility study report.

If the deposit is not paid on time, it shall be deemed to give up the bidding qualification.

2、 Operation mode: after the auction is completed, the operator shall, according to the transaction results, select one of the 16 construction waste receiving sites recommended by the client as the operation site of the construction waste receiving site in the corresponding transaction area (i.e.

examination time of bidding qualification: the client shall organize the scheme and qualification examination of the scheme and bidding materials listed in Article 4 of this announcement submitted by the bidder before 17:00 on December 28, 2021.

qualification of the bidder (at least one of them must be met) : 1.

Pingnan construction waste West receiving site has the right to operate for 3 years.

on December 31, 2021.



The auction announcement of the management right of the construction waste receiving site is entrusted.

of the receiving site of construction waste.

Bidding deposit: 300000 yuan for each subject.

The 3-year management right of the construction waste receiving site in the East District of Pingnan County; 2.

A legal person enterprise with valid grade III and above qualification for general contracting of municipal public works construction and valid work safety license of construction enterprise issued by the competent construction administrative department,   2.

Contact address: 2F, Xianghe building, Tianhu Road, Jiaocheng District, Ningde City        Room 1a201, building a, Gusha new village, No.


Purpose of the receiving site: the receiving site is only used for the stacking and landfill of construction waste and spoil generated by the urban construction project, repair and decoration project in Pingnan County.

  9、 Matters not specified in this announcement shall be subject to the auction documents.

Wang      Fujian Guopai Auction Co., Ltd   December 4, 2021       Source: Pingnan Tianyu Urban Construction Investment Co., Ltd..


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