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Most of the construction and implementation adopts assembly technology, and the application of materials follows the principles of environmental protection and reuse.

The project is located in the Sino German ecological park in Qingdao Xihai new area.

cooperative design: OBERMEYER (China) Creative design: Xu Da, Chang Cheng, Xiu Xuguang, Chen Chen and Cai Wenchao participated in the design: Zhang Wenlong, Wang Bei, Zhao Kangnan and Zhao Yu.

Lifting Anchor

The functional facilities of the sponge park are planned as a whole.

construction location: Qingdao, Shandong building function: Exhibition building area: 12586 square meters design time: 2016-2019 project status: completed design unit: Qingdao Beiyang Architectural Design Co., Ltd.

On the other hand, the scattered composition of buildings on the base is more free and freehand, and the supporting building facilities are randomly concentrated or arranged nearby.

The planning scheme takes into account the exchanges between China and Germany at different levels and the unique needs of historical, cultural, commercial and regional resources, It is envisaged that the single building will be named and built according to the names of seven German states.

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Architects have designed several groups of buildings with different styles, which are independent but echo each other.

On the one hand, they reflect the differences in the economic and cultural development of German states.

The technical design of the building is carried out according to the three star standard of green building.

Sino German ecological garden d-zone project owner: Zhongqi rubber Construction Group Co., Ltd.


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