Drawing evaluation course of 2022 second note site and architectural design (drawing)

The major of architecture can’t pass the examination for many times.

The site design module explains the knowledge points and real problems of the first question of this subject.

In 2022, there will be candidates whose results in drawing subjects will be invalid.

Copy the drawing and comment and reply within 24 hours.

[course setting] the course is divided into five modules: design principle, problem review, real problem, drawing copying exercise and site design.

All of them were completed by teacher Danyang in person and solemnly promised: no assistant and no teaching assistant.

The drawing evaluation course of site and architectural design (drawing questions) for the examination of level II registered architects in 2022 includes: Video + courseware + homework + Q & A + drawing evaluation + homework correction.


Reply on the day of Q & A.

The first four modules explain the second question in the examination of this subject, and the design principle module explains the basic design principle, mainly for interprofessional candidates; The problem review module is divided and explained for each step of problem solving; The real problem module explains the real problems in recent years.

Overview of the results of the drawing evaluation class in 2021: the real passing rate (the number of people who passed the report / the number of people who signed up for the course) far exceeded 60%.

The service is valid from registration to the end of the examination in 2022.

The earlier the course is purchased, the longer the Q & a time will be enjoyed.].

For the following groups who need to prepare for undergraduate examination: 1.

The drawing copying practice module is divided into five stages to arrange the drawing copying contents and methods.

Cross professional candidates.

Foot Mounted Anchor

[construction drawing design Q & a service will be provided for all drawing evaluation courses (the service period is from registration to the end of the examination in 2022).

(more than 3 times) 3.

Reply within 36 hours after the real question is evaluated.

Among the students who passed, the average score of building structure and detail drawing was 72 +, and the average score of site and architectural design was 75 +.


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