Does construction site noise disturb residents? interview!

The responsible units of construction projects should compact their responsibilities, refine their implementation to individuals, further refine their management, and strictly follow the relevant provisions of the “Kunming Environmental Noise Pollution Prevention and Control Management Measures” for legal and reasonable construction, avoiding sensitive time periods.

Special techniques that require continuous construction at night will be registered with the ecological and environmental department in their jurisdiction three days in advance, and announced to surrounding users.

Next, the Guandu Branch will continue to strengthen the supervision of dust and noise pollution at construction sites in its jurisdiction, creating a beautiful and peaceful livable environment for residents in the Guandu area.

Kunming’s ecological civilization and environmental protection require your attention, support, and participation! Environmental complaint hotline: 123455 original content official account Source: Guandu Branch of Kunming Ecological Environment Bureau

Lifting Socket

The person in charge of the construction project responsible unit who was interviewed made a statement, firmly shouldering the main responsibility, deeply studying relevant laws and regulations, improving noise reduction measures on the construction site in accordance with the law and regulations, strengthening personnel control, and arranging work hours reasonably.

Seriously carry out self inspection, strengthen personnel management, accelerate the improvement of noise pollution prevention and control plans, and implement them.

We need to increase the investment and use of noise reduction facilities to intercept the propagation path of noise to sensitive points.

Promote ecological civilization in the ecological environment of Kunming and jointly build a beautiful Kunming.

Do not try to play the “edge ball”, let alone touch the “high voltage line” of the law.

The meeting requires that the interviewed unit take this interview as an opportunity to fully recognize the impact of construction noise on people’s lives, actively improve, abandon the logical thinking of “construction noise is inevitable”, and actively take noise reduction measures.

Efforts will be made to reduce the impact of construction noise on the surrounding population during the construction process.

On October 19th, the Guandu Branch of the Kunming Ecological Environment Bureau held an interview with the construction unit of the noise disturbing project.


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