Do you have the three most admired types of work on construction sites?

Laymen envy that migrant workers’ wages are too high and can earn four or five hundred a day.

It can be said that it is the core type of work on the construction site.

Scaffolding work is the most profitable type of work on the construction site, and it is also the most dangerous type of work.

After all, this job is a life for money! In addition to these types of work with relatively high wages, the wages of small workers and miscellaneous workers are very low, about 150 yuan a day.

They not only have good technology, but also need to be able to read drawings.

Most migrant workers complain that the wages are too low.

Some types of work are hard, but the wages are not high, but there are also types of work with relatively high wages, which generally have high technical requirements.

The average scaffolder can earn about 400 a day.

Woodworking, that is, the construction formwork erecting worker, is responsible for the construction of the whole framework.

Xiaobian learned that there are three types of work with relatively high wages for migrant workers! Reinforcement workers have very high requirements for technology.

As long as you have good skills and fast hands and feet, it is generally not a problem to earn three or four hundred a day.

Never envy the high wages of migrant workers, because you can’t imagine the hardships they pay behind them! QQ group 925078799, password? Open sesame door, qq2300665262 construction method of adding group gravel pile, bidding quotation adjustment method, recommended collection! According to the drawings, reinforcement blanking and calculation of reinforcement construction log, the following contents shall be recorded..

In recent years, the wages of migrant workers have aroused heated debate.

Because this job is more dangerous, not many people do it.

The team leader makes more.

General rebar workers can earn about 300 a day, and those with large materials and shifts can get 45001 a day.

Generally, there is no work to worry about, and the salary is relatively high.

5X5 Scaffolding

There are often no people on the construction site, so the salary is raised.

But even so, it can’t be too high.

Is the wage of migrant workers high or low? In fact, this problem can not be concluded, because migrant workers also subdivide a lot of work.


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