Do not set limits for aura, look for line aesthetics in architecture

Whether it is food, culture or architecture, we can see the unique aesthetics of Xingcheng.

Driving on the bridge will add a little to the bright mood   Juzizhou Bridge    Lineoffpower is on the bridge art connecting the East and west of the river.

The sharp but fashionable geometric lines divide an orderly spatial vision, which coincides with the modern Changsha City   Hunan Normal University    The bright windows of lineoffpower extend in all directions, and the scattered and transformed geometric lines liberate the stereotype.

However, in fact, Hisense Plaza’s own design aesthetics is also strongly disseminating post-modern line combinations, interlacing geometric art that caters to contemporary aesthetic fun.

The inside and outside of this building are the same unique and dazzling   Fuyuan Road Bridge    At a glance, the rational and enthusiastic red department shows Changsha people’s attitude towards life at a glance.

The internal performance and external structure of Meixi Lake grand theater can be called a wonderful interpretation of the visual feast   Mawangdui Hanqiao    The Han Bridge with extended artistic sense is inspired by the “Han Qin” unearthed in Mawangdui.

They outline the appearance of Changsha and depict the happiness of Changsha people.

The skyscrapers on both sides of the bridge also appear extremely harmonious in parallel   Central South University    The facade of lineoftower Central South University Science Park is straight and strong.

When human emotions are added to the architecture, these interesting geometric patterns will be fixed into a special memory   Hisense Plaza    Changsha wenheyou in lineoftower Hisense Plaza is known as the “food theme park” in the design industry.

Vehicles shuttle through the lines in an orderly manner.

Changsha is a whimsical and unrestrained city.

When youth is mixed with the reinforcement and cement of Huda, the building is also endowed with knowledge, blood and strength   Meixi Lake City Island    When looking down from lineoffpower, the surrounding special-shaped spiral viewing platform is like a “vortex” rising in the lake, step by step, until the viewing position at the top immerses in the shock of “seeing all the mountains and small”   Meixi Lake International Culture and Art Center    Lineoftower’s winding lines and intricate geometric framework build this “flowing architectural art”.

The clean and concise lines are intertwined with white clouds and green leaves to outline different visual presentation, showing different kinds of soft and flexible clear undulating lines, crisscross or soft and smooth, like the bones of Changsha City, outlining the mountains, rivers and buildings in between.

Halfen Channel

They are the city’s tribute to art.

  Hunan University    The corners of the neat buildings and windows of lineoffpower are the central axis to capture the axisymmetric perspective.

Learning knowledge here also becomes more happy.

This time, let’s start from the details and look for the beauty of lines belonging to Changsha.

They are like beautiful hibiscus flowers blooming on the Bank of Meixi lake.

The rich sense of vision and line hierarchy are just balanced, making Fuyuan Road Bridge more eye-catching and attractive.

Architecture is the soul of the city.

Buildings are not only high-rise buildings made of reinforced concrete, but also show the pursuit of art and the unique charm of integrating with nature.

They are arranged and combined, breaking the shackles, creating an unlimited world for us, so that we can let go and move forward bravely…


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