Discussion on construction drawing review of reconstruction and expansion project — Architecture

The reconstructed and expanded buildings shall meet the requirements of public interest and public safety-.

(2) A full set of construction drawings in accordance with the design depth of construction drawings.

The total number of buildings in China has reached a high level and is increasing rapidly every year.

(3) Whether the reconstructed and expanded buildings meet the public interests, public safety, energy conservation, environmental protection and low-carbon requirements.

Fire compartment division shall be clear and complete.

Whether the waterproof treatment at the joints of new and old buildings such as roofs and basements is safe and reliable, and whether the roof drainage is smooth and reasonable after reconstruction and expansion.

(6) Practice of waterproof materials for floor, ground and wall body of wet and ponding room, and anti leakage measures.

(2) Project Overview: construction site, land use overview, building grade, fire protection category, fire resistance limit, design service life, seismic fortification intensity, structure type, general layout, building function layout, building area, building floors and height of existing buildings and reconstructed and expanded buildings.

(9) Special chapter on energy-saving design: thermal performance and energy-saving design table of enclosure structure, thermal insulation structure method, shape coefficient, window wall ratio, shading coefficient and so on.

The reconstruction and expansion project shall meet the requirements of sunshine, fire prevention and fire protection specifications with adjacent buildings.

four   Node details: nodes and details of key parts shall not be omitted, such as stairs, elevators, car ramps, wall bodies, doors and windows, etc.

(2) Whether the construction drawing meets the specified design depth requirements.

Waterproof joints shall be made for buildings with deformation joints, and roof drainage shall not cross the deformation joints.

(3) Review the original architectural design documents, as built drawings, measured drawings and other data to be provided.

For the organization of construction drawing review, the review of existing building reconstruction, expansion and reinforcement design has also become a task that must be paid attention to, and the formulation of a review standard and key points has also become an urgent requirement.

(10) Other situations requiring special instructions, such as civil air defense, safety protection, environmental protection measures, technical requirements for building components, etc.

(3) Design scope and content of reconstruction and expansion (reserved part, reconstruction part, demolition part, etc.): key points of reconstruction, energy-saving measures, etc.

(5) Waterproof design: waterproof grade and fortification requirements of basement and roof, waterproof coiled material or coating material and thickness, deformation joint structure and other water interception and drainage measures shall be selected.

The safety and fire prevention facilities such as stairs, accessible roofs, atrium corridors and low windows in the figure shall be explained clearly.

In principle, the energy-saving design of reconstruction and expansion project shall meet the requirements of current energy-saving standards and depth regulations.

three   Plan, elevation and profile: the plan, elevation and profile drawings shall be complete and correctly describe the reconstruction and expansion contents, and the plane layout shall be reasonable to meet the basic functional requirements such as ventilation, daylighting and sunshine.

five   Barrier free design: according to the specific conditions of reconstruction and expansion functions, the barrier free design of reconstruction and expansion projects shall meet the basic use requirements of the disabled.

two   General layout design: mark the scope of building land, the location of roads and building red lines, the land and the control elevation of relevant terrain, features and surrounding municipal roads; Clarify the location of the reconstruction and expansion project and its relationship with the elevation of urban roads, parking lot layout and ground rainwater discharge direction, etc.

(7) Building fire protection: fire resistance rating, safe evacuation (evacuation distance, evacuation width), fire compartment and fire protection structural measures.

(8) Indoor and outdoor decoration practices.

3、 Basic contents and requirements of drawings 1   Design Description: (1) preparation basis of design documents.

According to the characteristics of reconstruction and expansion projects, the key points of construction drawing review of architecture discipline shall include the following contents: first, the technical review of construction drawings shall include the following main contents: (1) whether it meets the requirements of documents and design schemes approved by the government planning department.

(4) Structure and material practice of main parts: such as wall, roof, doors and windows, etc.

4、 Mandatory provisions the reconstruction and expansion project shall not violate the mandatory provisions of national codes on building design, building fire prevention, building energy conservation and other building disciplines.

(4) Whether it complies with the mandatory provisions of engineering construction standards; In principle, the codes and standards involved in the construction drawings shall be subject to the current codes and standards.

A considerable proportion of buildings have entered the period of safety failure and function degradation, which needs scientific detection and appraisal and economic and reasonable reinforcement and transformation measures, Improve the safety and durability of the structure.

2、 The technical review data of construction drawings shall include the following main contents: (1) government planning and other approval documents and attachments as the basis for construction drawing design.

Clear and reasonable, and determine the evacuation width, evacuation distance, number and location of evacuation exits of stairs according to fire prevention specifications.

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Since China’s reform and opening up, the construction industry has developed at an unprecedented high speed.

The reconstruction and expansion project shall meet the mandatory standards related to architectural design, building fire prevention and other architectural disciplines.

At the same time, a considerable proportion of the functions of buildings have not adapted to the rapid economic development, and must be transformed and expanded.

Clarify the location of new construction, reconstruction and expansion projects, indoor and outdoor design elevation, site Road, square and parking space layout.


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