Building | use the simplest block to create a perfect country house!

The overall space is small, but it brings people a comfortable and warm feeling.

The swimming pool is located at the edge of the platform and extends outward.

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A glass sliding door is made on one side facing the courtyard to increase indoor ventilation and lighting.

The most distinctive feature in the bedroom is the design of the window.

The dynamic line planning and vision are interrelated.

The modeling design of the house also pays great attention to the sense of balance.

Night view of living space· Stairs · the stairs leading to the second floor, with independent steps and hemp rope handrails, are very dynamic and hierarchical· Bedroom · the bedroom is located on the second floor.

Along the wooden stair treads, walk through the adjacent area of the garden to the outdoor terrace.

Push open the glass door next to the fireplace and you can go directly outside.

Three square windows are set at the rear of the building to ensure excellent vision and daylighting in different room areas.

Two white double sofas and single armchairs form an independent reception area.

The design of the built-in wooden finish cabinet door is more exquisite, and the opening and closing will not occupy the aisle space.

With the stone steps down, there is a relatively independent open platform.

Terrace space outside the living room.

The house is located in a small town very close to Barcelona, with an area of 510 m2.

Building design in the whole design, the building uses the simplest blocks to create the residential shape, and selects pure natural colors, such as wood, slate, stone and concrete.

The first floor is the living space, with a guest restaurant and kitchen.

A large area of glass curtain wall leads into the room, which broadens the vision and mood.

Because the plot is located in a wooded area surrounded by pine, holy oak and olive trees, the low-density living environment creates a place far away from the noise of the city and busy daily life.

Night view of the house-.

The interior design house has two floors and is conceived as a “continuous space”.

The cupboard with open top meets the needs of all kinds of living storage.

There is an open kitchen and outdoor dining area to meet the entertainment needs of family dinner, outdoor barbecue and so on.

This design seeks to integrate the landscape to the greatest extent and gives full play to the advantages of the surrounding natural environment.

The surrounding trees are reflected in the swimming pool, adding a touch of green and vitality to the already clear water.

The second floor is used as bedroom space for rest· Restaurant · when you enter the room from the entrance, you first see the dining area, with three wooden chairs on the left and right of the wooden dining table.

The rattan chandelier on the top has a very pastoral style ▽ · kitchen · the kitchen design on the side adheres to ram ó n esteve’s consistent simple, simple and natural style.

At the same time, it also extends the spatial vision and weakens the boundary between the building and the environment· Living room · the living room is a cantilevered design.

The backstage reply “design theory” on the day, you will push a design story for 365 days, 365 classics, which is only updated once a day.

In addition to swimming, you can also quietly enjoy the surrounding scenery and listen to the birds, which is very artistic conception.

Separated and continuous design, penetrating the atmosphere.

In the background, a large shelf with double-layer height is used as the visual focus, on which books and ornaments can be placed.

The black weather resistant steel frame is like the “trunk” of the house, which has a certain connection with the outdoor green plants.

The rattan roof with rattan lampshade, wooden dining tables and chairs, stone walls and other elements are designed to have a great pastoral style of leisure and vacation.

The platform beside the swimming pool is paved with slate, which echoes with the stone steps and walls· Outdoor leisure area · the leisure area is located on the right side of the house and forms a supporting design with the swimming pool.

The white concrete slab frame is used to create a large volume space, coupled with glass, black steel frame and wood color ornaments to create a brighter and warm atmosphere.

The back of the bookshelf is built into a small study as a place for office and study.

This design can control the exposure of natural light to each room at will, so as to form an interaction between light and shadow and the building· Swimming pool · since the house is built on a slope, there is a certain height difference between the outdoor swimming pool and the building.

The fireplace is used as a space partition on one side, which is divided with the restaurant area.

The inside of the window is a half height glass guardrail and the outside is a movable wooden grid.

Oh, this house is called “Casa La Calma”, which means “quiet home”, designed by ram ó n esteve.

Designer ram ó n esteve said: “the house is surrounded by stone walls to form a private space, where owners can establish their own world”.


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