Da Mei Shenyang – aftertaste of the old buildings that have disappeared in Shenyang

In December 1921, the Manchurian Railway Fengtian library moved to a new building, located at No.

Now there is only the ruins of the northwest corner wall of Shenyang City, which is now a municipal cultural relics protection unit in Shenyang.

The bell and Drum Tower was finally demolished.

There are also many historical buildings in Shenyang.

The city of Shenyang was rebuilt many times in the 21st, 32nd, 54th, 4th, 18th, 28th, 37th, 41st and 43rd years of Kangxi, Qianlong of the Qing Dynasty.

The Confucian temple had no Confucian atmosphere and was gradually forgotten.

Beautiful Shenyang — aftertaste of those old buildings that have disappeared in Shenyang   The eight city gates and four corner towers of the city wall of Liaoning cigarette industry history museum are Xieshan Wai corridor buildings.

The gate forehead facing outward is Manchu, and the gate forehead facing inward is Chinese.

In 1929, opinions on the demolition of the bell and Drum Tower for the convenience of transportation were rampant.

During the reign of Yongzheng, Qisheng temple was changed to Chongsheng temple.

The building was designed by Kuroda Dingxian and Kobayashi Guangci of Manchurian Railway Fengtian public works office, and constructed by shizang in chaizaki.

According to the saying of morning bell and evening drum, the drum tower is built on the west side of Siping Street.

The years are ruthless, swallowing up many memorable exquisite buildings and urban landscapes, but there are still photo records for us to understand and miss- Liaoning cigarette industry history museum..

Why do you choose to destroy it?” unfortunately, his advice was rejected.

After the Russo Japanese War, Japan’s South Manchukuo Railway Co., Ltd.

During the succession of Huang Taiji in the third year of Tiancong of the Qing Dynasty (1629), there were three temples, three halberd gates and one Lingxing gate; In the Kangxi Dynasty, Qisheng temple and east-west veranda were built, as well as Minglun hall, school palace, Zhaobi, Dacheng gate, Qisheng gate and Minghuan Xiangxian temple.

The corner towers of the city gates of Shenyang City were abandoned successively.

He stated the following reasons to the leaders at that time: “it is easy to destroy but difficult to protect.

After liberation, due to urban construction and transformation, eight gates and some city walls were successively demolished.

It was completed on November 19, 1921.

There is an urn outside the city gate, and each city gate has a gate forehead.

The plane of the building was in the shape of a scholar.

It was called Manchukuo Fengtian library since 1915.

They are located at both ends of the bustling Siping Street.

Demolished in 2009.

Until the 1920s, due to the lack of funds, Confucian temples everywhere fell one after another, and Confucian temples in Shenyang were not spared.

In 1954, the Confucian temple was demolished and leveled into the playground of Chaoyang Street Primary School, and the school palace was also changed into a residence.

Later, after the reconstruction, a quarter of it was cut off, and the original architectural design image was lost.

In the late Qing Dynasty, due to the decline of national strength, domestic and foreign aggression, the Qing government was unable to repair Shenyang City.

At that time, pedestrians had to pass through the hole door under the second floor of the bell and drum.

So far, Fengtian Confucian temple, which has flourished for more than 300 years, only left the name “Confucian Temple”.

Confucian temple Shengjing Confucian temple has the same function and system as Confucius temples all over China.

Manchuria Railway library is the only typical Spanish style building in Shenyang in modern times.

84, Nanyi Road, Heping District.

After the revolution of 1911, Shenyang was unable to catch up with the increase of vehicles due to road development.

Fixing Socket Cross Hole Nail Plate

According to his biography, Liang Sicheng tried to protect important memorial buildings for the first time in his life.

Since then, it has been built on a large scale.

The drum tower, the Fengtian Drum Tower, and the Fengtian bell tower were built at the same time during the Huangtai Chi period in 1637.

It made Shenyang more magnificent.

opened a book reading room in the Japanese Primary School Affiliated to Shenyang Manchukuo railway in November 1910.

Liang Sicheng, who was teaching at Northeastern University, tried to stop the demolition of the bell and Drum Tower.

Subsequently, the school palace of the Western Academy of Shenyang Confucian temple was occupied by the County Education Association for a long time.


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